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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Rurouni Kenshin and the Lord of the Rings
Submitter: Date: 2006/1/4 Views: 880 Rate: 1.67/6
Summary: Something you people weren't expecting... a crossover between Lord of the Rings and Rurouni Kenshin. In this crossover, Kenshin & company help to defend Middle-Earth and at the same time... help a certain Hobbit destroy the ring of power.

Prologue: One ring to rule them all

Summary: Here it is folks, a crossover between Rurouni Kenshin and Lord of the Rings. In this Kenshin & company defend middle earth and at the same time help a certain hobbit destroy the ring of power.

Rurouni Kenshin and the Lord of the Rings

Prologue: One ring to rule them all.

In the wilderness of 19th century Japan, there lived a wanderer with red hair and a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek. This is a remembrance of his experience during the revolution, which was a chaotic period for Japan. Now it was the 2nd year of the new Meiji Government. And because of his own painful experiences in battle… he turned from killer to wanderer and has made a vow… that he will never kill again.

As darkness fell into the woods, the wanderer started to make a fire to cook his dinner. Suddenly…

A small gust of wind took him by surprise. Amidst the wind, he hears the enchanting voice of a woman speaking in a strange bewitching, but soft language…

"I amar prestar aen… " The voice whispered out a short phrase, and then spoke it in the wanderer's native tongue: "The world is changed…"

The voice whispered again in the strange language, "Han mathon ne nen… ", and spoke the translation in the language the wanderer understood: "I feel it in the water…"

Then again: "Han mathon ne chae… I feel it in the earth…"

And again: "A han noston ned gwilith… I smell it in the air…"

Afterwards, the wanderer hears the voice of an old man, "much that once was, is lost. For none now live, who remember it."

The old man appeared from the darkness of the woods, cloaked in brown rags and carried a staff and greeted the wanderer, "good evening to you, young man. Would you care to share your dinner with an old man? I would ever be so grateful to talk to a fellow wanderer such as yourself."

"Certainly sir, that I will", said the wanderer.

The wanderer cooked two fish. He gave one of the fish to the old man.

"Mmm, this is good fish, young man, thank you," said the old man, enjoying his fish.

"You're welcome, and I'm glad you are enjoying your food. Speaking of which, before you came out of nowhere, I heard a strange language that I never heard of before. The way you were speaking, it seemed that you understood what the voice was saying, that you were."

"Hmm, indeed I do, young man… indeed I do. And judging by your scars, external and internal, that you have been in a great battle, am I right?"

The wanderer was surprised at how he figured out his own past. "Before you ask," added the old man, "I have my senses young man, so naturally, I know of you very well."

The wanderer decided to humor the old man, "yes sir, I have. And now, in this time of peace, I have made a vow that I will never kill again. The sword you see before you is a reverse-blade sword that can't be used to kill, which is why I carry it with me."

"I see, then if you know so well about battle wanderer… I shall tell you a tale of a greater battle than that of your revolution. It spans throughout time in a faraway land. For this battle takes place in its past, present… and also the future."

"Very well… tell me this great tale you speak of," implored the wanderer.

The old man began:

In the realm of Middle-Earth… at the end of the second age… great rings were forged.

Three rings were given to the race of Elves, immortal, wisest, and fairest of all beings…

Seven rings were given to the Dwarf lords, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls…

And nine, nine rings were gifted to Men, who above all else, desire power…

…For within these rings lie the strength and will to govern each race. But they were all of them… deceived, for another ring was made…

…In the land of Mordor… in the fires of Mount Doom… the dark lord Sauron forged in secret, a master ring, to control all others. And into this ring, marked with the language of Mordor, clear as red flame… he poured his cruelty, his malice, and his will to dominate all life…

One ring, to rule them all…

One ring, to find them…

One ring, to bring them all…

And in the darkness, bind them…

…One by one… the free lands of Middle-Earth fell to the power of the ring. But there were some, who resisted. A last alliance of men and elves, led by Elendil, the King of Men, and Gil-Galad, of the Elves, marched against the armies of Mordor, and on the slopes of Mount Doom, they fought for the freedom of Middle-Earth…

The battle was fierce…

Hordes of Orcs charged against the last alliance, but they were shot down, one by one, by arrows and cut down by the spears and swords of the men and elves.

Victory was near…

…But the power of the ring could not be undone. Sauron launched his own assault upon the last alliance. Legions of soldiers were wiped out by just one swipe of Sauron's scepter. Gil-Galad charged at Sauron, but the Dark Lord grabbed him at the neck… and used his power to burn him alive. Enraged in anger, Elendil, the king of men, charged against the dark lord. But even the king himself, was struck down by Sauron.

…It was in this moment… when all hope had faded, that the son of the king, Isildur, took up his father's sword, Narsil, after Sauron had broken it with his foot. Isildur used the broken sword to slash the fingers of his hand, which had the ring, off him…

The dark lord glowed and glowed as bright as day, until…

…He exploded in a burst of red-orange light, which scattered throughout the land of Mordor, taking the Orcs with him. And so…

…Sauron, the enemy of the free peoples of Middle-Earth, was defeated. The ring passed to Isildur, who had this one chance to destroy the evil ring, forever…

The wanderer spoke in the middle of the tale, "and has he destroyed the ring?"

"Unfortunately… no young man, for the ring can only be destroyed in the fires of where it was forged, Mount Doom", the old man continued the tale:

…The hearts of men, like Isildur… are easily corrupted. And so the ring of power… has a will of its own.

While Isildur kept the ring for himself and bringing it to his homeland of Gondor, he and his company were ambushed by orcs… all were killed in the attack. Isildur puts on the Ring to make himself invisible, and tried to swim away in the Anduin River, but alas…

…The ring slipped off and it sank slowly... to the bottom of the river. So thus…

…Isildur was killed by the orcs as well.

The ring betrayed Isildur… to his death. And some things, that should not have been forgotten, were lost…

…History became legend, legend became myth, and for two and a half thousand years, the ring passed out of all knowledge. Until, when chance came… it ensnared a new bearer…

The ring came to a pathetic creature called Gollum, who took the ring deep into the tunnels of the misty mountains, and there… it consumed him, calling the ring his 'precious'…

He coveted the ring, yearned for it…

…The ring brought to Gollum… unnatural long life. For 500 years, it poisoned his mind. And in the gloom of Gollum's cave, it waited…

…Darkness crept back into the forests of the world. Rumor grew of a shadow in the east, whispers of a nameless fear, and the ring of power perceived. Its time had now come…

…The ring abandoned Gollum, as it fell deeper within the tunnels of the mountains…

But something happened then, the ring did not intend…

…It was picked up by the most unlikely creature imaginable, a Hobbit, whom in your eyes would be no more than a child's height. His name was Bilbo Baggins of the shire. When Gollum was calling out for the whereabouts of the ring… Bilbo kept it for himself…

…For the time soon come…

…When Hobbits…

…Will shape the fortunes of all…

The old man stopped there and said to the wanderer, "…well young man, it was nice talking to you, I must take my leave of you."

"Wait sir," said the wanderer, "what happens next, as far as I know, you haven't finished telling the tale. You just left off with Bilbo taking the ring for himself. Do you know the end of this story?"

"Don't worry young man… you will find out when you yourself will experience this story."

This remark surprised the wanderer. "Sir… how will I experience this tale?"

"You will know when fate allows it so. Farewell, Kenshin Himura, or should I call you… Battousai." Kenshin was taken aback to the fact that the old man knew who he was.

The old man began walking towards the woods.

"Sir, how did you know who I am? …Who are you?" inquired Kenshin.

"I told you, young man… I have my senses. Like you yourself, I go by many names. Call me Radagast."

Kenshin started to go after Radagast but lost sight of him. Another small gust of wind overtook him and heard the old man's voice amidst the wind:

Remember this story of the Lord of the Rings, Himura…

For the friends that you shall make in the future will also experience the epic alongside you…

This battle you will experience will require the friendship of all of your future friends to win it…

It is not a battle one can win by placing it upon their own shoulders…

After a few moments… the wind stopped. And so…

Kenshin Himura, the wanderer, shall always remember his encounter with Radagast in his heart, as he will prepare himself for this future battle, the War of the Ring of Power. How he will experience it will be a mystery, but it is a question that only the future can answer…

Disclaimer: I do not own Rurouni Kenshin or Lord of the Rings. RK is the property of Nobuhiro Watsuki and Lord of the Rings is the property of Professor J. R. R. Tolkien.

A/n: This fanfiction is taken pretty much from the movie directed by Peter Jackson.

Anyway, please r/r.
  1. Prologue: One ring to rule them all
  2. Sec. 1, Ch. 1: Bilbo's birthday
  3. Ch. 2: Occurrences of Monsters
  4. Ch. 3: Bilbo's birthday and Farewell party
  5. Ch. 4: Bilbo's goodbye to Gandalf
  6. Ch. 5: Okina's surprise
  7. Ch. 6: Gandalf's discovery
  8. Ch. 7: Kenshin fights the forces of darkness
  9. Ch. 8: The Journey begins
  10. Ch. 9: Isengard's treason revealed
  11. Ch. 10: Get off the road!
  12. Ch. 11: The arrival of the mysterious ranger, Strider
  13. Ch. 12: Frodo is wounded!
  14. Ch. 13: Flight to the Ford
  15. Ch. 14: Many meetings
  16. Ch. 15: I choose a mortal life
  17. Ch. 16: The ring must be destroyed
  18. Ch. 17: The Fellowship heads for Mordor
  19. Ch. 18: The dangerous, forbidden road
  20. Ch. 19: Balin's Tomb
  21. Ch. 21: Galadriel welcomes the Fellowship
  22. Ch. 22: Galadriel's Mirror
  23. Ch. 23: The Argonath
  24. Ch. 24: Frodo makes a hard decision
  25. Ch. 25: Attack of the Uruk-Hai
  26. Sec. 1 Epil.: Frodo's fate
  27. Sec. 2, Ch. 1: Encounter with Gollum
  28. Ch. 2: Rohan under siege
  29. Ch. 3: Kenshin and the Riders of Rohan
  30. Ch. 4: Enter Treebeard
  31. Ch. 5: Don't follow the lights
  32. Ch. 6: The White Wizard approaches
  33. Ch. 7: Don't take the Black Gate
  34. Ch. 8: Misao and the Entdraught
  35. Ch. 9: Gandalf's exorcism
  36. Ch. 11: Flee to Helm's Deep
  37. Ch. 12: Forces gather to Mordor
  38. Ch. 13: Aragorn dreams of Arwen
  39. Ch. 14: The Wargs attack!
  40. Ch. 15: To war!
  41. Ch. 16: Radagast receives a message
  42. Ch. 17: Radagast's report to the Oniwaban
  43. Ch. 18: Seijuro and Sojiro
  44. Ch. 19: Visions of a dreadful future
  45. Ch. 20: Treachery at the Forbidden Pool
  46. Ch. 21: Battle by nightfall
  47. Ch. 22: There is always hope
  48. Ch. 23: The Battle of Helm's Deep
  49. Ch. 24: Saruman's explosive surprise
  50. Ch. 25: Retreat to the Horburg
  51. Ch. 26: Treebeard goes to war
  52. Ch. 27: Forth Eorlingas!
  53. Ch. 28: Stories that really mattered
  54. Sec. 2: Epil: Gollum plots a trap
  55. Sec. 3, Ch. 1:The Voice of Saruman
  56. Ch. 2: A Snake in Man's clothing
  57. Ch. 3: The Precious will be ours!
  58. Ch. 4: Ordeal with the Palantir
  59. Ch. 5: The Enemy's plan
  60. Ch. 6: Vain Ambitions
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