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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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bluebells 2012/1/28
Categories: Supernatural
Title: Hunter, Guardian, Elf
Fandom: Supernatural, Lord of the Rings
Warnings: Crossover
Pairing(s)/Characters: Dean, Legolas
Summary: One night in the snow, Dean meets an old ally of hunters and man.
A/N: Set pre-6x11 (Appointment in Samarra). Originally written for [info]sagaluthien for Christmas

Galadriel1010 2011/10/30
Categories: Doctor Who Torchwood
Summary: Whoniverse retelling of the second part of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. A forgotten incident from Jack's past adventures becomes the key to defeating a new and present danger that threatens all Earth.
Rating: T
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Series: The Clash of Worlds - follows the first part, The Fellowship of Necessity

Galadriel1010 2011/10/30
Categories: Doctor Who Torchwood
Summary: Whoniverse retelling of the first part of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. A forgotten incident from Jack's past adventures becomes the key to defeating a new and present danger that threatens all Earth.
Rating: T
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Series: The Clash of Worlds, first part

mmooch 2011/8/25
Summary: **Part of the 2011 LiveJournal’s Twisted Shorts August Fic-A-Day** series. He fell through a portal into another world, but still is fighting evil.

Crossover: Lord of the Rings

Challenge: for the livejournal 2011 August Fic a Day Challenge. And #6471 on TtH.

Timeline: post-season 4 ‘Primeval’ for BtVS; during the movies for LotR.

Warning: I think one swear word and totally some AU stuff caused by Graham.

A/N: Okay, didn’t go nearly into as much detail as I was going to, but I had my final exam today and so I didn’t have the time or energy to write. (By the way, got an ‘A’ in the class, whoo-hoo!)

Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. Lord of the Rings characters belong to J. R. R. Tolkien, Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

Mornen 2011/8/21
Categories: Modern Day
Summary: Sequel to Of Skyscrapers and Subways. The fellowship, joined by Elrond, moves out of Boston to escape from Saruman who is searching for the one ring. VCF
Rating: T

Mornen 2011/7/11
Categories: Modern Day
Summary: The company finds themselves in a strange, unknown world, filled with danger and machinery. How did they get there? Will they ever get back? And can they survive the 21st century? strange and orignal despite cliched description. revised and complete.
Rating: K+
Genre: Drama, Fantasy

welshinnit 2011/4/24
Categories: Modern Day Merlin BBC
Title: Worlds Within Worlds
Rating: PG-13 (some violence and Merlin tends to swear, a lot)
Disclaimer: Owned by Shine, BBC, Tolkien Estates, and Turbine (for the internet game). Please don’t sue me, I’m only playing!
Warnings/spoilers: none in this bit
Summary: Merlin Travels with his friends. Is it into his dreams? Can he protect them?

A/N: This whole piece is based on my experiences whilst playing Lord of the Rings Online and my characters in the kinship Buckland Brewers are used here. The pre-sequel is at my journal and, for the life of me, I can not form a link at this time of night (it has been a looong day and I am definitely technophobic. Woe is me!)!!!

A/n2: OK, sober(ish) and wishing it was easier to put in links, the back story should be here, I hope:

welshinnit 2011/4/24
Categories: Modern Day Merlin BBC
No summary provided.

Beregond5 2010/7/11
Last part of the series. Everything falls into place.

Beregond5 2009/9/14
Categories: Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: Edward, Alphonse and Beregond are together once more, and they work together to find the means to create a philosopher's stone. However, the web the Homunculi create is closing around them more tightly than they believe.
Rating: R

Michelle 2009/7/13
Categories: Peter S. Beagle
A small part of Mirkwood was never touched by evil, because it was kept safe by magic.

whitewave 2009/1/7
Categories: James Bond
Author: Whitewave
Summary: A light but ambitious confection written mostly for the author’s pleasure where JRR Tolkien’s characters are cast in roles from Ian Fleming’s work.
Rating: M or NC-17 or Adult
Genre: Action, Humour, Alternate Universe
Pairing: Canon characters and OFC's
Warnings: Torture, Character death, Attempted Rape, adult situations, Expletive language
Disclaimer: Only the crazy plot and the original characters belong to the author.

Ilada 2008/10/18
As Legolas flees from the orcs that killed his patrol, he stumbles onto a cave that drops him into the land of Narnia. What is his purpose here, and why does the White Witch want him so badly? Can he stand against her magic? Narnia/LOTRs crossover.

Hyel 2008/7/10
Categories: Terry Pratchett
Author: Hyel
Summary: Pippin finds out the best way to end a feud is... pie. Crossover with Discworld in the feeble sense that Annagramma Hawkin is originally a Discworld character, hobbitified here for the purpose of a random-pairing challenge.
Rating: T
Genre: Humor, romance
Pairing: Pippin/Annagramma
Warnings: a more or less positive attitude towards narcotics
Disclaimer: J.R.R. Tolkien and Terry Pratchett own LotR and Discworld respectively.

Meltha 2008/6/2
Categories: Angel
Author: Meltha
Rating: FRM
Feedback: Yes, thank you.
Spoilers: Through all of BtVS, AtS’s “Conviction” in season 5, and the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (though I obviously took license with the appendices).
Distribution: The Blackberry Patch and If you’re interested, please let me know.
Summary: Spike got a lot more than he bargained for with the amulet.
Author’s Note: Written for the crossover round at maleslashminis for silkensky who request Legolas/Spike, a chase on horseback, no overly sad ending, and no crazy!Spike.
Author’s Note 2: If I have my Elvish right, and I may not, Narwamathar roughly translates to fiery warrior, while vana means beauty.
Disclaimer: Some characters are owned by Mutant Enemy (Joss Whedon), a wonderfully creative company whose characters I have borrowed for a completely profit-free flight of fancy. Other characters are from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, again used without any intention of profit. Kindly do not sue me, please, as I am terrified of you. Thank you.

Sky 2008/6/2
Categories: Angel
Author: Sky
Title: Enough for Me (Ats/LotR crossover)
Pairing: Wesley/Legolas
Rating: R for some soft-core action
Feedback: Loved and adored and will make me love you forever and ever.
Concrit: Would be absolutely super; I'd like to know if it's actually any good. And I'm always willing to improve. :) Seriously. Comment. Even if it's bad. I promise. Seriously. PLEASE
Disclaimer: Not mine; me = poor;
Warnings/Squicks: Nothing, really. Not even any spoilers.
Summary: Written for bookishwench in the crossover bonus round at maleslashminis. Request is at the end.

Beregond5 2008/1/28
Categories: Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: Edward and Alphonse leave East City to repair themselves and continue with their research. Beregond remains behind, unable to follow them. But just how different will be the path the three will follow, and how will it affect them? Warning: Several chapters will be heavily influenced by the anime and the manga.
Rating: R

Sivan Shemesh 2008/1/6
Categories: Supernanny
Lord Elrond seeks aid when his son’s behaviors were not in control, and found that he is not alone. King Thranduil needs aid too, and Haldir needs to control his brothers as well. Is there any hope for them?

Pilot 2008/1/5
Categories: Star Wars X-Men Star Trek
Pretend for a moment that when you die, you get to live out whatever movie, book, TV show, (anything) you want as an afterlife. Lauren, having been a devoted follower of Tolkien's for years, has no second thoughts about choosing Middle-earth. Unfortunately, things aren't always what they seem, and as luck would have it, her new life gets complicated fast. Moreover, other futuristic fandoms seem to have found Mithril as an extremely valuable resource, and are willing to go great lengths to get it. But when things begin to spiral out of control, will the lies, conspiracies, and power struggle tear Middle-earth and its peaceful fans apart for good?

Rated T for violence, language, sexual innuendos, and epic battle sequences.
Genre: Action/Adventure/Friendship/Sarcastic Humor
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me whatsoever aside from the plot and original characters.

The fandoms included in this story are: LotR, Transformers, Star Wars, X-men, and Heaven.

This story might be hard to keep up with. And for that, I'm sorry. It's slow in many places, fast-paced in many others, and when something exciting isn't going on, Lauren's usually trying to figure out how everything works because this AU I've created is so goddamn complicated I don't understand it sometimes. You should also note that this is a self-insertion fic, featuring people I know IRL, talking about things that have actually happened, and telling inside jokes you may not know. I've portrayed canon characters as close as I can to Tolkien's ideal given the circumstances (my own biases included). I've read 9 of Tolkien's books, so I apologize if those of you who have only seen the movies don't understand half of what I'm talking about concerning Middle-earth.

And yes, the title of this story is in reference to a chapter from The Hobbit.


Pilot 2007/12/15
Categories: Star Wars
A foolhardy Padawan steals a ship when her Mistress is sent into battle, and in attempts to join the fray, she finds herself in a star system that time forgot...

Rated T for minor violence, lots of philosophical questioning, and extremely minor romance.
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me whatsoever aside from the plot and original characters.

Ria 2007/11/22
Categories: Terry Pratchett
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.

Ria 2007/11/20
A parody mashup of The Two Towers and the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Once More, with Feeling."

Imhiriel 2007/10/21
Categories: Modern Day
In our not-so-distant past, in a time of change, a mysterious stranger witnesses an event which would alter the course of a nation.

From HASA’s “Oliphaunt Pen” for closed challenges: Maglor in History.

MEFAwards 2007: 2nd Place – Genres: Crossover: General

Imhiriel 2007/10/21
Categories: Modern Day
Summary: The Brown Wizard in the modern world. Drabble.

Imhiriel 2007/10/21
Categories: Dorothy Dunnett
Summary: An encounter between two sea-loving men from two quite different worlds. Crossover between Dorothy Dunnett's "Lymond Chronicles" and Tolkien. Drabble.

Crowdaughter 2007/9/30
Even the captain of the Flying Dutchman had to learn how to navigate...

Crowdaughter 2007/9/30
Categories: Babylon 5
Recently, at Dunharrow, Aragorn meets some kind of Grey Company...

Empy 2007/9/30
Title: On Starless Waters Far Astray
Author: Empy [empyreus(at)]
Pairing: Imrahil/James Norrington
Fandom: Lord of the Rings/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover
Rating: R
Disclaimer: LotR belongs to JRR Tolkien; PotC belongs to Disney. This is a work of fiction, and, as such, a pack of lies that the author derives no monetary benefit from.
Feedback: Yes, please.
A/N: Written for EdorasLass for the Sons of Gondor 2006 Halloween fic exchange. Part of her request read "if anyone wants to do some bizarre Norrington/Boromir or Norrington/Imrahil crossover, I would probably drop dead with the happy", and my brain took the idea and ran.
Set between PotC: tCotBP and PotC: DMC and in roughly TA 3016.

Ria 2007/9/26
Categories: Crossover Fanfiction
Santa has a problem, Manwe has a solution -- or maybe a problem of his own.

Jael 2007/9/17
Categories: Modern Day
A sequel to Not Fade Away. A clueless CPS worker investigates the complaint of a child being raised by 'crazy cultists.' Misapprehensions abound as we get a peek into the home life of the mysterious, reclusive 'Aaron Rivers' and his son. Rated PG-13 for strong language.

Ria 2007/9/16
Categories: The Wizard of Oz
Tom Bombadil's romance as a crossover with Oz by L. Frank Baum.

Ria 2007/8/25
Categories: Ursula K. Le Guin
Radagast gets some help returning to Valinor. A crossover with Earthsea.

Rated: G

Ria 2007/8/25
The Tale of Beren and Luthien, as performed by the Numenorean Light Opera Company, with necessary violence to Canon.

Crossover with The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan.

Rating: PG

Beregond5 2007/7/14
Categories: Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: And here's how the story begins. The rating's been changed more out of keeping things on the safe side than anything else. If something really nasty comes up, there'll be a warning.
Rating: R

Beregond5 2007/7/14
Categories: Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: This is an introduction and background info about the characters of the crossover story, to see what it's about.

Fantasticmuse 2007/6/15
Categories: Firefly
Title: Claim
Notes: Okay, um. This is basically "River, a history." Also, this is a crossover with... well. Figure it out. You're bright.

Michelle 2007/5/20
Categories: Real Person Fiction
Title: Sharing Warmth
Author: Michelle
Email: michelle [at]
Summary: Two strangers meet.
Series: Small Alterations (follows “Temptation”, which is posted offsite.)
Pairing: Orlando/Viggo, Orlando/Aragorn
Timeline: early 2000
Beta: Namarie
Genre: crossover, slash, romance, PWP
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Aragorn is Tolkien’s and Orlando and Viggo belong to themselves. Damn.
Author’s Note: After a year I finally came back to this universe. This will make more sense if you have read “Temptation”, because apart from the plotless smut, the frame consists of a continuous backstory.

Sullen Siren 2007/5/13
Categories: Firefly
Original Story: Of Kings and Hairy Feet by tigerlady

Summary: The Fellowship pauses on their flight to Mount Doom to study the stars, and imagine traveling them. oblique crossover between Firefly and Lord of the Rings

Rating: G

Fandom: Firefly

ElenaRoan 2006/11/30
Categories: Stargate
Jack O’Neill visits, bringing bad news

Timeline: LotR: III 2996 (Aragorn 65 years old), SG1: after Daniel’s first death.

Betas: Geris (Grammar and spelling), Michelle (Comprehension)

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of them, written purely for enjoyment.

Jael 2006/11/1
Categories: Shakespeare
Lord of the Rings meets Hamlet. Be afraid; be very, very afraid. Rated PG-13 for adult innuendo.

Gandalfs apprentice 2006/10/31
Categories: Modern Day
If you know where to look, Middle-earth is still with us. A mother has a strange experience in the California woods. Rating: K. A Halloween tale.

Tolkien's characters are not mine and never were. I'm just having fun.

Shadowluck 2006/10/30
Summary: A crossover between The Hobbit and Jane Eyre. Bilbo Baggins and Jane Eyre meet in the woods, and share a few moments of discussion.
Disclaimer: The characters and places mentioned in this story are the properties of J.R.R. Tolkien, and of Charlotte Brontë.
A/N: This was a piece I did for English class. We were supposed to show Jane’s character through her interaction with a character from another book of our choice. I chose Bilbo Baggins. My teacher liked it, so I figured, hey, why not post it and see what other people think? (The last part of that sentence is a not so subtle hint for reviews, even if they’re just to say, “I think that whoever gave you permission to write anything so terrible should be locked up in a deep, dark dungeon until they repent, and you should burn all of your work and go jump off a cliff.”)

Don Sample 2006/10/16
Summary: Faith finds herself in a new world, with Hobbits, and Goblins and Trolls, oh my!
Rating: T
Genre: Action
Acknowledgements: The Hobbit is the creation of JRR Tolkien, Faith is the creation of Joss Whedon.

kenaz 2006/10/15
Summary:After his death at Amon Hen, Boromir discovers the place where the souls of men go... and it's not quite what he expected. An LOTR/Good Omens crossover featuring Boromir and Grievous Bodily Harm (formerly known as Big Ted). Warning: contains flatigious abuse of canon characters. Poor Boromir!
Rating: PG 13

laeglass 2006/10/1
Categories: Kingdom of Heaven
Title: Redemption (1/1)
Author: laeglass
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas/Balian
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: threesome, religious themes
Disclaimer: These characters are not my property, and no disrespect or harm is intended by borrowing them.
Summary: Struggling with feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred, Balian learns that he is not alone, and accepting comfort is not weakness.
Beta: the kind and generous, not to mention quick, tularia *hugs*

Rhapsody 2006/9/13
Categories: Stargate
Rodney McKay and Major John Sheppard face the most unlikely creatures... Where Merry and Pippin should not have mentioned the word Ringwraith...

Special thanks to Random for his advise on weaponry and technology.

Author's note: this drabble was initially written for the Open Scrolls Archive drabble challenge, but after getting positive reviews and requests to expand... it will be expanded upon.

Jael 2006/9/4
Categories: Modern Day
Modern Day AU LOTR fanfiction by Jael

Summary: A modern day woman lands a job that is too good to be true at a mysterious toy company, where things are not as they seem. Has she strayed into a dream? Drama; humor. Characters: All the usual Mirkwood suspects and an OFC. Rated PG-13 (T) for innuendo and naughty language. AU

anise 2006/9/4
Buffy gave up her life to save everyone, knowing she would never return. Gratefully accepting a new chance of happiness in a new world, she changes. Suddenly she is taken back to Sunnydale, will she stay, or leave again? B/L lotr xover

LEGEND: # Dream or Character POV # / [[___]]indicates telepathic speech /
{{ indicates dialogue in Elven}} / (translation of dialogue) / ‘…’ thoughts ‘bold’ indicates memories or letters

Liriel 2006/9/3
Title: A Long Way From Home
Author: Liriel
Pairing: VM/L (are you confused yet?)
Rating: NC-17, just to be safe
Warnings: AU, uh, slight passing references to het
Summary: A lot of stories are written about people being transported to Middle Earth. This story is about what happens when a denizen of Middle Earth is transplanted to Earth.
Disclaimer: As usual, I'm talking out of my arse. I don't own Leggy *pouts* and I don't own Vig. Although technically, I do, because this is AU so I'm only using his name and devastating good looks. I own all the other losers though!
Completely unbeta'd, because you can't expect someone to beta their present!
A/N: Written for my beloved catlover2x, she who can dance rings around the moon.
A/N2: Words in italics are spoken in elvish.

ningloreth 2006/8/27
Categories: King Kong
Title: Exploring South Ithilien
Regular Fandom/Pairing: The Lord of the Rings, Legolas/Eowyn
Crossover Fandom/Character(s): King Kong, Kong
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are the creation of JRR Tolkien, Edgar Wallace, and Peter Jackson and have been used, without permission, for no financial gain.
Warnings: British spellings!
Summary: Exploring their new land, Legolas and Eowyn find an ancient world inhabited by strange creatures. Will Kong fare any better at the hands of the elves? (Set after The Return of the King).
Author's Note: Lassui, Legolas' nickname, means 'Leafy'; melmenya, Eowyn's nickname, means 'my love'.

ningloreth 2006/8/27
Categories: Star Wars
Title: The Enemy of my Enemy
Regular Fandom/Pairing: The Lord of the Rings, Legolas/Eowyn
Crossover Fandom/Character(s): Star Wars, Darth Maul
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are the creation of JRR Tolkien and George Lucas and have been used, without permission, for no financial gain.
Warnings: British spellings!
Summary: Returning from Dorvalla at the end of Darth Maul: Saboteur, Maul lands in South Ithilien for a bit of R&R and encounters a Shieldmaiden. (Set after The Return of the King).
Author's Notes: Zabrak is Maul's species.

ningloreth 2006/8/27
Title: Eowyn and the Centaur
Part: 1/1
Regular Fandom/Pairing: The Lord of the Rings, Legolas/Eowyn
Crossover Fandom/Character(s): The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, General Oreius
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are the creation of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis (ish), Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media, and have been used, without permission, for no financial gain.
Summary: What exactly happens when a creature is turned to stone by the White Witch? (Set in Middle Earth, after The Return of the King).
Author’s Notes: Who could watch Narnia and not wonder what it would be like to ride General Oreius? Ahem.

Geist 2006/8/2
Buffy brings her new Beau home to meet the group (Buffy/Gollum) Hilarity intended. I own nothing. Rating-wise I'll give it a PG.

Princess Faz 2006/7/22
Summary: What if Faramir and Boromir had been hillbillies?
Rating: T
Genre: Humour, Parody

TrekQueen 2006/6/13
Categories: Star Trek
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Action, Humour
Pairing: Elrohir/Elladan/Troi, Crusher/Rumil
Warnings: Smut!
Summary: A humorus crossover of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Lord of the Rings. After an important ambassador goes missing, the crew of the EnterpriseD must find him, but they find much more than they expected. Those silly elves and Vulcans...
Disclaimer: I, TrekQueen, will not receive anything in return for this work and I give all credit of Star Trek and Lord of the Rings to The Great Bird of the Galaxy and The Great Wizard of Middle Earth.

Michelle 2006/6/12
Title: Wish Fulfillment
Author: Michelle
E-Mail: michelle [at]
Summary: Be careful what you wish for. It might lead you down a path you are not prepared to take.
Beta: Lee-Anne
Genre: crossover, darkfic
Timeline: For BtVS this story takes place during season 3, it veers off just after “The Wish”. For LOTR the time is a bit harder to determine. In canon it would be TA 3017, but since I shuffled around certain events (or deleted them to begin with) I would say it’s quite a bit earlier.
Rating: T
Warning: AU, so much so it’s not even funny anymore. Also, character death.
Disclaimer: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” belongs to Joss Whedon, the WB and UPN. Aragorn, Gollum and Middle Earth belong to Tolkien and New Line. And it were better if the ring belonged to no one.
Author’s Note: This is a LOTR/BtVS crossover. For those not familiar with BtVS and Anyanka, I tried to include enough information in the beginning to let you know what her character is all about. Additionally, Frodo’s quote is of course taken directly from “Fellowship of the Ring”.

rayning_stars 2006/6/12
Summary: Post BtVS. Middle Earth needs rescuing, and Buffy is just the right person for the job. Spike seems to think he is too. What will happen when they both collide? Buffy and Spike pairing.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Buffy and all related characters are property of Joss Whedon and some other people. All Lord of the Rings characters belong to J. R. R. Tolkein.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike

Alilacia 2006/5/28
Categories: Jade Empire
Rating: G

Disclaimer: Aragorn and Legolas belong to Tolkien. The character of Princess Sun Lian and the world she lives in are the property of Bioware and from the game "Jade Empire".

Notes: It was not intended to be a crossover as such, but I wondered if such a world could easily fit into Middle-earth. I don't know if I have succeeded, but it has been fun trying *grins*

Also, I have included some Japanese in here. My knowledge of it is rudimentry at best, retained from when I used to follow anime to a higher degree than I do now. So any mistakes in the language, I apologise for, and all mistakes are my own.

So... to memory, here are the translations:

Legolas-san - affixing "-san" at the end of the name is our equivilent of saying "Sir," or another form of respect.
Silk Fox-chan - whereas "-chan" is a more informal addition to the end of a name, signifiying the friendship between two people.
Arigato - Thank you.
Hime - Princess.

Summary: Extending diplomatic relations in a far away city...

Seerandgel 2006/5/27
Lotr/Narnia X-over. WIP A Susan/Twin romance. Narnia and Arda belong to Tolkien and Lewis.

hobbit_tabby 2006/5/25
Categories: Harry Potter
Summary: Harry meets a couple of strangers while he's searching for Horcruxes. An HP/LotR crossover written as a late response to a dare prompt from Irisgirl.
Rating: G
A/N: Written as a very, very late answer to a dare prompt from Irisgirl. Beta'd by hermionegreen.

Michelle 2006/5/15
Categories: X-Men
Title: Residue
Author: Michelle
Email: michelle [at]
Summary: The elves have left these shores. But with countless mutants around, who’s to say evolution won’t take a leap backwards for a change and produce a being not seen for many millenia in our world.
Universes: LOTR/X-men
Genre: crossover drabble, 300 words
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s special view on elves is his. “X-Men” is property of Marvel. I own neither.
Author’s Note: Written for the upcoming “X-Men 3”, which I’m awaiting with bated breath.

misty 2006/5/13
Categories: Modern Day
Summary: Aragorn meets a distant relative from the far future who needs his help.

2007 MPA nominee

Disclaimers: Aragorn, the world of Middle-earth and all recognizeable characters belong to Tolkien and his estate. I do not own any of them. Only my original characters belong to me.

Rating: K+

Fanged Geranium 2006/5/8
Categories: Harry Potter
Summary: Celeborn takes a nostalgic walk around London on his way to the Grey Havens and finds a mysterious archway.
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, J.K. Rowling and possibly New Line Cinema. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for this work.
Health Warning: This story contains elements from J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series, as well as Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings', 'The Silmarillion'and 'Unfinished Tales'

rayning_stars 2006/4/30
Summary: Gandalf is just your average, everyday, run of the mill history teacher: very boring, and very old. That is, until Dawn takes a good look at what he has to offer.
Rating: M, just to be on the safe side
Genre: Humour
Pairing: Dawn and, um, Gandalf's Staff
Warnings: just a whole lot of innuendo
Disclaimer: Dawn, Gandalf, and all associated with them belong to Joss Whedon and J.R.R Tolkein respectively.

Sigil 2006/4/28
Summary: Sequel to Between Worlds. SWLOTR. Second installment in The Gatekeeper Archives. Aragorn, Legolas, Will, and Jack are forced into another world to solve the deepening mystery.
Rating: K+

Sigil 2006/4/28
Summary: LotRPotC crossover. First installment in The Gatekeeper Archives. Aragorn and Legolas stumble into the Pirates of the Carribean world and must find a way home before these modern inventions kill them...
Rating: K+

Sandy G 2006/4/22
Title: That’s Interesting NC-17 Legolas/Jack Sparrow
Author/Email: sandyg
Pairing: The Pretty Elf and the Pretty Pirate
Rating: NC-17
Type: FPS
Summary: When Jack is again marooned on that ever unpopular island, he discovers another out of sorts visitor... who has his own interesting ideas.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing names from the Mouse and JRRT. No harm intended. Kiss, kiss. And doing the research was so much fun... watch “PotC” over and over? I’ll take as a job, please.

Carnen 2006/4/14
Title: Akallabeth
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own LOTR and BtVS
Warnings: um...drowning of a whole island with all hands aboard?
Summary: Buffy dreams of a land long sunk under the waves.

Carnen 2006/4/14
Title: Pilgrim
Rating: T (probably less though)
Disclaimer: Don't own LOTR and BtVS.
Summary:Lady Finduilas and little Boromir hear a song in the gardens of Minas Tirith, leading to an unusual encounter. It is strange how such little things can affect the future.

surreysmum 2006/4/6

Silentstream 2006/4/2
Categories: Modern Day
Author: Silentstream
Summary: The palantir are being gathered and accounted for. One is missing. Gandalf leads an expedition into another world to get it. This takes place after the War of the Ring, but before the Exodus of the elves from MiddleEarth.
Rating: K+
Genre: General
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I don't own any of Tolkien's stuff. I haven't been alive long enough! Any sneaking lawyer types will be beaten off with large stale loaves of bread.

Mosca 2006/3/24
Fandom: Five vignettes in five different ones. The West Wing, Providence, E.R., Ally McBeal, and Firefly, in that order.
Rating: PG for a little strong language
Spoilers/Continuity: for each vignette respectively: takes place approximately yesterday; early third season; ninth season Christmas Eve (simultaneous with the end/beginning of "Hindsight"); late second season or so; after "Ariel".
Summary: Elves are always where you least expect them.
Disclaimers: The West Wing is the intellectual property of John Wells Productions, Warner Brothers, and Aaron Sorkin; Providence belongs to NBC and John Masius; Constant C, Amblin Entertainment, and Warner Brothers own E.R.; David E. Kelley Productions and Fox lay claim to Ally McBeal; Fox and Mutant Enemy take the blame for Firefly; and J.R.R. Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings. This original work of fan fiction is Copyright 2003 Mosca. This story is a labor of love, not money, so it's protected in the USA by the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976. All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed. Sponsored by Keebler.
Notes: Thanks to k and Katisha, the awesome beta women, and to The Distraction. Also to the Alternative Language Dictionaries, so Jayne could swear in authentic Chinese. This is a response to Cesperanza's Joe Dick Elf challenge: write a satirical 100-word vignette about someone who should not be an elf in any universe. All of these surpass 100 words, and some aren't all that satirical, but I say close enough.

illwynd 2006/3/17
Categories: Neil Gaiman
Author: illwynd
Summary: During her time in the Dreaming, Nuala develops a crush on Boromir.
Rating: K+
Genre: Mild Het, Angst
Pairing: Nuala/Boromir... kinda, but not really. ;)
Disclaimer: If I owned it... I'd be selling books right now.

Sandy G 2006/3/10
Categories: Real Person Fiction
Author: sandyg
Type: FPS, RPS
Pairing: Aragorn/Orlando
Rating: PG-13 to start
Disclaimer: No money made from anything.
Author notes: I remember someone at the Characters in Bloom site posted this plot bunny and it stuck with me. Here it finally is... oh yes, and I know that in book canon Halbarad died in battle but I like him so he’s still breathing. I see him as Aragorn’s protective older bro.
Summary: After many years as King Aragorn finds himself needing to quell his physical urges. Along comes a young Harad savage to tease his senses

Categories: Angel
Summary: Aragorn escapes his future by burying himself in the mystery of a lost, brooding stranger.

Author: ShawThang

Disclaimer: Neither Angel: the series or Lord of the Rings belongs to me. They are owned solely by their respectable owners.

Rating: K

Author’s Notes: Kind of random, but worth reading. I noticed there weren’t many Lord of the Rings crossover fics in which Angel was a significant figure, and felt sorry for the broody feller.

ElenaRoan 2006/3/4
Categories: Stargate
While exploring, Legolas and Strider come across an unusual structure that could put not just Arda but the entire galaxy in danger. (I blame Michelle for this story *grin*)

Timeline: LotR: III 2995 (Aragorn 64 years old) pre-quest and post Thorongil, Stargate SG1: between “Ascension” and “The Fifth Man”

Rating: M

Betas: Geris (Grammar and Spelling), Michelle (Comprehension)

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of them, written purely for enjoyment.

Michelle 2006/3/1
Categories: Supernatural
Title: Ring of Fire
Author: Michelle
Summary: Sam still has nightmares of Jessica’s death and they’re getting progressively worse (LOTR/Supernatural).
Genre: crossover double drabble
Series: Crossing the Line
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: Sauron and his ring belong to the Tolkien Estate and New Line. He can very well stay there... Sam and Dean are property of the WB.
Author’s Note: Title taken from the Johnny Cash song. You could never tell I watched Walk the Line recently

Lady Grey 2006/2/23
Author: Lady Grey
Summary: Boromir can't sleep, and has an encounter in Lorien
Rating: K
Category: Gen, some angst
Disclaimer: Middle-Earth and Boromir belong to J.R.R. Tolkien and his heirs, Narnia belongs to C.S. Lewis and his heirs. I make no profit from this, and have loved the source material all my life.

Ilmarien Astiniel 2006/2/22
Categories: Modern Day
Title: Loving Feanor
Author: Ilmarien Astiniel
Type: FPS
Pairings: Feanor/Nerdanel/Me/various
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: fluffiness, Feanor psychos.
Disclaimer: I do not own Lotr or any characters, lands, or items from the Tolkien world. They belong to their respective copyright holders. I am not making any money off of this and it is purely for my own amusement.
Archive:Ilmatarofmiddlearth, Lotr fanfiction, Mirrormere -
anywhere else, just ask
Feedback: Yes please
Summary: Author finds favourite fictional character has ended up in modern times and helps him.

Cuthalion 2006/2/14
Summary:This came into being following a sudden outburst of crossovers after half of my hobbit-fanfic-writing friends had watched "Narnia" (me included). First I laughed, then I found myself writing this (absolutely surprising) Narnia/LOTR-drabble. And it is also - lo and behold! - my very first Legolas-piece!
Rating: PG

Michelle 2006/1/7
Categories: Lost
Title: Là-Bas
Author: Michelle
Summary: The answer to “What’s under the hatch?”, LOTR-style.
Rating: K
Genre: Crossover double drabble (200 words, exactly).
Series: Crossing the Line
Author’s Note: Locke’s quote is taken directly from Exodus II, Lost 1.24. I couldn’t resist the play on Aragorn’s Elvish name. Title for the drabble taken from Joris-Karl Huysmans’ novel Là-Bas, meaning Down There.

Werecat 2006/1/4
Categories: Harry Potter
Summary: Morgoth is exiled in the void after being banned from Arda. One day, he finds himself in the company of the most peculiar individual. A Silmarillion/Harry Potter crossover. Seriously.

Set after 583, First Age (LotR) and after October 1981 in the Potterverse, when Voldemort goes into hiding after killing Harry’s parents.

Disclaimer: Neither Arda nor Rowling’s characters belong to me. I make no money out of this. With my sincere apologies to both J. R. R. Tolkien and J. K. Rowling.

Werecat 2006/1/4
Categories: Myth & Legend
Summary: A sword sheathed in stone and a land in turmoil. A tale that explores the fate of Anduril. Probably AU, an attempt to connect Tolkien's writings to Arthurian legends.

Disclaimer: Neither Arda or the Arthurian legends are mine.

Categories: Rurouni Kenshin
Something you people weren't expecting... a crossover between Lord of the Rings and Rurouni Kenshin. In this crossover, Kenshin & company help to defend Middle-Earth and at the same time... help a certain Hobbit destroy the ring of power.

Lillayah 2006/1/2
Categories: Metafic
NEW Chapter 19, 20,

Summary: Four young women of Earth die and awake reformed in a world not their own. There are mutant spiders, a rude man with pointy ears, and something within them is fundamentally changed. Conspicuously out of place in Middle-Earth, they cannot go back. Who will realize the Truth before it's too late? HP, Matrix, Star Wars, Anime(crack) in Tolkien.

Disclaimer: Anything herein that resembles the property of Mr. George Lucas, Mrs. JK Rowling, Mr. Peter Jackson, Mr. Larry and Andy Wachowski, Professor JRR Tolkien, or Mrs. Rumiko Takahashi, is entirely intentional with absolutely no intent of libel or cause of any injury to said respective artists. No money has been or ever will be made off of this or any of this author’s convoluted interpretation of ‘fanfiction’ so there’s no use of lawyers agonizing over it. Standard fanfiction waiver applies.

Note: This is not exactly a "Mary-Sue." Nor is it entirely a cross-over. It may amalgamate these elements, but more than anything, it is a metafanfiction. I treat it as a LotR fanfic, but it encompasses many, many fandoms, and as the series progresses, I hope to incorporate more fandoms in a variety of ways into the body of the series. Its purpose (please don't groan, it'll be fun!) is to celebrate all fandoms and primarily the fans whose love, dedication, and imagination give our mental playgrounds life. In this instance, literally. Besides, I really couldn’t decide which genre I loved more and this way I can do everything at once!

Radbooks 2006/1/2
Categories: Alternate Reality
Rebecca and Thomas, two teenagers from the 1950s, end up in Middle-earth and become wards of Aragorn. It truly is canon friendly and follows the books closely but also fills in some gaps. Some romance, but definitely not a Legomance! Nominated for both a 2006 MPA award and a 2006 MEFA Award.

I have tried and tried to upload my story here and just can't get it to work without a lot of extra work and I'm not sure why! It is posted on Tolkien Fan Fiction as well as Fan under my pen name, Radbooks.

zee 2006/1/2
Categories: Alternate Reality
Title: The Empty Vessel
Author: ZeDrippyVessel
Type: Het
Fandom: LOTR
Pairing: Haldir/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic het sex, implied slash, excessive foul language, she-Elf slapping, violence, major angst, character death, light bondage
Beta: For the most part, Alex. Mayetra and Eowyn did some too. Thank you Dame Niamh for the Britpicking and resettling of... issues.
Disclaimer 1; I'm not Tolkien, I don't pretend to be the Great one, I didn't sell this, yada yada yada. My OFC is mine.
Feedback: Yes! Constructive please.
Cast: Haldir, Galadriel, Celeborn, Legolas, Aragorn, oh geez, pretty much all of them!
Timeline: During LOTR and after
Archiving: OEAM, HLA, HF, AFF, OSA, SH, DE
Summary/Notes: A woman discovers her world isn't the only one falling apart.
Disclaimer 2: To JS Bach, Mozart, Elton John, Metallica, Bad Company, Howard Shore, John Bon Jovi, Bad Company, AC/DC and any other musician whose music and lyrics I have impinged on. I have written none of the lyrics and apologize if I have offended any. I also wish to apologize to various television shows and movies which in the course of this I might have trod on, however, I don't think Beavis will mind the plug so much. And to the others who I was very much influenced by. This is ALL your fault! Also, I have a former boyfriend that had a rather unusual, but engaging habit that I adored. I have given it to Haldir. 20 guesses to what it is...

Dedication: This one is for all the beautiful women, who discovered that true beauty comes in the prime of their lives and not as skinny, young things!

Pecos 2005/12/29
Title: Beyond the Far Horizon - Master Copy
Author: Pecos - (Queen of Snarks)
Beta: Gloria Mundi:
Rating: R - m/m slash sex, angst, adult language
Feedback: remember the golden rule, (please!)
Disclaimer: I don’t make the toys, I’m only playing with them. No money made, nor disrespect intended
What is it?: FPS / RPS / AU Movie characters, book situation, real people jumping into my own version of our past and theirs. (This is where I wish I’d stayed awake during history classes)
Archive: I’d be honored, just tell me where
Note: This story incorporates many elements. All of them are untrue, but some are more untrue than others

ElenaRoan 2005/12/24
Categories: Modern Day
A Rookie gets a quick lesson in the ways of the world. I blame Michelle for this story.

Betas: Geris (Grammar and Spelling), Michelle (Comprehension)

Rous 2005/12/24
Categories: Highlander
We seem to be overrun with Immortals. Well, there is one way to cut down on them. Written for a crossover drabble challenge. I may expand this; it has been requested that I do so.

Alilacia 2005/12/24
Categories: Ned Kelly
Author: Alilacia
Rating: G
Pairing: None.
Summary: A first meeting by firelight.
Feedback: Would be nice as I'm rather nervous about this one :)
Disclaimer: Aragorn and Legolas belong to J.R.R Tolkien. Joe Byrne belongs to himself. Not a poor female from the UK.
Story checked over by laeglass. Thank you :)

Crossover between LOTR and Buffy with references to Harry Potter. Spell goes awry. Scooby Gang pops right smack in the middle of an Elven camp. Verbal chaos ensues.

Victoria P. 2005/12/24
Rating: G
Summary: Buffy has a Slayer Dream™
Notes: Thanks to Jen, Pete/Melissa, Dot, and Meg. Thanks to Bethy for the suggestions. Written for the random_hundreds LJ community. Elruffy forever!
Date: May 19, 2003

ElenaRoan 2005/12/24
Categories: Myth & Legend
Summary: Merilin (Merlin) observes some things
Timeline: somewhere between ‘The Sword’ and ‘Boat Home’
Editor: Geris

ElenaRoan 2005/12/24
Categories: Myth & Legend
An unexpected boat arrives at the shores of Valinor. Set in the same ‘universe’ as ‘The Sword’.

I’d just like to say some things in regards to this story. Much as I try to stay as close to Tolkin as I can in most things, I much prefer Cassia and Siobhan’s version of the “death” of Aragorn. So that is the basis for where everyone starts off in this story, which I have asked permission to use.

I am not staying with any one tradition on the Arthurian Legends, though I will be leaning more towards the older Celtic legends. I will most likely pick and choose which specific legends I use, in particular with whether they fit in with what I have already written in this ‘universe’.

ElenaRoan 2005/12/24
Categories: Myth & Legend
it all comes back to The Sword...or does it?

Peaceangel 2005/12/24
Categories: Alien vs Predator
Author: Peaceangel
Pairing: A/L
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: Greatly appreciated! Send to:
Warning: Alternate Universe: AVP / Crossover fic; Violence, graphic love scenes.
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters and I make no profit from this story. This is shared purely for entertainment purposes.
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to feed the author!

Michelle 2005/12/24
Categories: Real Person Fiction
Title: Nightstalker
Author: Michelle
Summary: Viggo and Orlando get lost in the woods in NZ. They run into their respective others.
Rating: K+
Genre: Crossover triple drabble (300 words, exactly), Slash (A/L, V/O).
Series: Crossing the Line

Michelle 2005/12/24
Categories: Angel
Title: Frequent Flyer
Author: Michelle
Email: michelle [at]
Summary: New case for Angel Investigations.
Rating: K+
Genre: Crossover double drabble (200 words, exactly).
Series: Crossing the Line

Michelle 2005/12/24
Categories: Sharpe
Title: Weapon of Choice
Author: Michelle
Email: michelle [at]
Summary: How Minas Tirith improved its defenses.
Rating: K+ for language and a dead Nazgûl.
Series: Crossing the Line

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