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Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Weapon of Choice
Submitter: Date: 2005/12/24 Views: 284 Rate: 8.17/6
Summary: Title: Weapon of Choice
Author: Michelle
Email: michelle [at] waking-vision.com
Summary: How Minas Tirith improved its defenses.
Rating: K+ for language and a dead Nazgûl.
Series: Crossing the Line

This double drabble was written for the There 'n' Back crossover drabble exercise.

Minas Tirith was under attack and the citadel guard was bustling about hectically, trying to bring any semblance of order to the remaining soldiers in the city. Caden was just about to yell at the man in the strange green attire for gazing lazily about instead of grabbing his sword and joining the other soldiers, when the stranger suddenly turned.

„Captain Boromir,“ Caden called out, startled. „We heard you were dead. It must be a sign of the Valar's good grace if you return to us now!“

„Yer already the tenth man to call me by that name. And I say it one last time: Name's not Boromir.“

Frowning, Caden went to apologize. „What is your name then, sir?“

„Sharpe, 95th Rifles. Seems like you a have a little mess down there,“ he observed, staring out at the Pelennor.

„What is a rifle?“ Caden asked curiously.

Sharpe raised an eyebrow as well as his trusted weapon, sighted in on one of the winged beasts circling the citadel and shot it clean through the head. It went down like a stone.

Caden only stared, speechless.

„Well,“ Sharpe asked impatiently, „are we going to kill the nasty buggers down there or what?“

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