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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Way of the World
Submitter: Date: 2005/12/24 Views: 116 Rate: 0.00/1
Summary: A Rookie gets a quick lesson in the ways of the world. I blame Michelle for this story.

Betas: Geris (Grammar and Spelling), Michelle (Comprehension)

“There are some things they don’t teach you in the academy, rookie.”

He stilled his preparations and looked up at his trainer, obviously confused.

“They don’t dare teach it there, even with how dangerous the world is getting,” the big man continued.

“What do you mean?” the rookie asked.

“Before you go out there, there are some things you must know, and must remember.”

“Now you’re starting to freak me out here, what are you talking about? We already know about the forces of the Shadow, is there something worse that no one tells anyone about?”

“Worse? Sure. There’s always stuff worse out there. But it’s the ones on the side of the Light I’m talking about.” A smile creased the face of the veteran police officer. “Never forget what I am about to tell you, no matter what a civilian or superior screams.” He waited until he received a nod before continuing, “The Rangers are our friends, never doubt that, never question that. They are the reason that worse things than orcs don’t try to invade the cities.” He saw the surprise widening the rookie’s eyes and waited for the inevitable question.

“But sir, I thought the Rangers were wandering vigilantes with no regard for the law. Dangerous and uncivilised.”

“The media paints them that way, but in truth they are closer to a secret army dedicated to keeping us ‘civilised’ people safe. They are warriors with no peer amongst men; they would give their lives to ensure that the very same people who shun them are safe.”


“One more thing, if you ever chance to meet an elf; if they tell you to do something, do it. No questions, no arguments. Just do what they say.”

“Elves?” he asked, startled. He thought they were a legend made up by parents trying to keep the darkness away.

“They are real. Mostly they stay in their own realms fighting against the Shadow much like we do, but they are real. Some even venture away from their realms, but not many.”

“I see,” he said, thoughtfully. Many of his beliefs had been torn away in the light of the frank discussion, leaving him wondering what else lay hidden from civilian eyes.

His training officer clapped him on the shoulder, “Good man. Remember this advice and you’ll survive just fine.”


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