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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Categories: Metafic
NEW Chapter 19, 20,

Summary: Four young women of Earth die and awake reformed in a world not their own. There are mutant spiders, a rude man with pointy ears, and something within them is fundamentally changed. Conspicuously out of place in Middle-Earth, they cannot go back. Who will realize the Truth before it's too late? HP, Matrix, Star Wars, Anime(crack) in Tolkien.

Disclaimer: Anything herein that resembles the property of Mr. George Lucas, Mrs. JK Rowling, Mr. Peter Jackson, Mr. Larry and Andy Wachowski, Professor JRR Tolkien, or Mrs. Rumiko Takahashi, is entirely intentional with absolutely no intent of libel or cause of any injury to said respective artists. No money has been or ever will be made off of this or any of this author’s convoluted interpretation of ‘fanfiction’ so there’s no use of lawyers agonizing over it. Standard fanfiction waiver applies.

Note: This is not exactly a "Mary-Sue." Nor is it entirely a cross-over. It may amalgamate these elements, but more than anything, it is a metafanfiction. I treat it as a LotR fanfic, but it encompasses many, many fandoms, and as the series progresses, I hope to incorporate more fandoms in a variety of ways into the body of the series. Its purpose (please don't groan, it'll be fun!) is to celebrate all fandoms and primarily the fans whose love, dedication, and imagination give our mental playgrounds life. In this instance, literally. Besides, I really couldn’t decide which genre I loved more and this way I can do everything at once!

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