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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Categories: Angel
Author: Meltha
Rating: FRM
Feedback: Yes, thank you.
Spoilers: Through all of BtVS, AtS’s “Conviction” in season 5, and the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (though I obviously took license with the appendices).
Distribution: The Blackberry Patch and If you’re interested, please let me know.
Summary: Spike got a lot more than he bargained for with the amulet.
Author’s Note: Written for the crossover round at maleslashminis for silkensky who request Legolas/Spike, a chase on horseback, no overly sad ending, and no crazy!Spike.
Author’s Note 2: If I have my Elvish right, and I may not, Narwamathar roughly translates to fiery warrior, while vana means beauty.
Disclaimer: Some characters are owned by Mutant Enemy (Joss Whedon), a wonderfully creative company whose characters I have borrowed for a completely profit-free flight of fancy. Other characters are from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, again used without any intention of profit. Kindly do not sue me, please, as I am terrified of you. Thank you.

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