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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Shamballa - Introduction
Submitter: Date: 2007/7/14 Views: 195
Summary: Summary: This is an introduction and background info about the characters of the crossover story, to see what it's about.

This crossover is mostly taking place in a world where Alchemy is regarded as valid science. In that world — the country of Amestris during the year 1914, in particular — everyone can study and perform Alchemy, though each with different levels of success. One law must always be taken under consideration when performing Alchemy: the Law of Equivalent Exchange (for an alchemist to obtain, something of equal value must be lost, whether it be the raw materials to create that something or even more than that). Two laws must never be broken according to the State: it is forbidden to transmute anything into gold, and it is forbidden to perform human transmutation (attempt to bring back the dead).

Some Of The Main Characters

Beregond: A Gondorian soldier from Middle-earth who, as one would say, was just unlucky to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. In a conflict that resulted in his son’s death, Beregond inexplicably finds himself in the country of Amestris. Bereft of kinsmen, in a world unknown and hostile and without any knowledge of the strange tongue uttered, Beregond now has to depend on his wits if he’s to survive and find a way back to his home. In this quest, he gets allies who are willing to offer a hand when need be — but also enemies who wish to see him dead.

Edward Elric: A fifteen-year-old alchemist, Ed is the youngest person who’s ever managed to become an alchemist of the State and a soldier (automatically placed in the rank of major because of his knowledge in Alchemy). Considered a genius by most because of his ability to transmute without the use of an alchemic array (the standard medium an average alchemist uses to perform Alchemy), that ingenuity came with a price. After being abandoned by his father at a very tender age and losing also his mother by an unknown illness at the age of 10, Ed decides to perform human transmutation with the help of his younger brother, Alphonse. The human transmutation proves a failure and Ed loses his leg as the price of the Law of Equivalent Exchange. Seeing that his brother’s whole body vanished for that same price, he gives up his right arm to place his brother’s soul into a suit of armour nearby. Undeterred by the loss of his limbs thanks to automail (mechanical fake limbs with almost the same mobile ability as any flesh one), now he wants nothing more than to find a way to restore his and his brother’s body back to normal. In his quest, Ed gets help by his boss, Colonel Mustang, who gives him any leads that are out there in exchange for services in the military; and his brother, Alphonse. However, he’s also destined to receive help from where he least expects. His favoured weapon is a blade that he transmutes out of his automail arm, which is one of the reasons that his codename in the army is the Fullmetal Alchemist.

It should also be noted that, though Ed is in many ways an adult and a prodigy, there are times that his true age is revealed through numerous bursts of temper (especially when it comes to comments about his height — or lack, thereof) or recklessness.

Alphonse Elric: Edward Elric’s younger brother by a year. He helped Ed in their attempt to bring back their mother through human transmutation, but lost his whole body in the process. Ed managed to salvage his soul and place it into a suit of armour, and he’s been residing there since. Though his new body of a seven-foot suit of armour can be intimidating at first, Alphonse is, in fact, of a quieter and gentler disposition than his brother and only resolves to fighting only when he considers it absolutely necessary. His own talent in Alchemy doesn’t match Ed’s (he only uses transmutation circles), nevertheless he’s a very bright and good alchemist himself and he shouldn’t be underestimated.

Colonel Roy Mustang: Edward Elric’s boss. He’s one of the most renowned State Alchemists, even though he’s quite young himself — he’s 29. His favoured weapon, surprisingly enough, is a pair of gloves with transmutation circles on them. They are made of a material called "pyrotex” — else known as ignition cloth - that spark when he snaps his fingers. By adjusting the oxygen content in the surrounding atmosphere through alchemy, he can create flames anywhere in the surrounding area at will and manipulate them as he desires. It is because of this ability that he earned the codename of the Flame Alchemist in the military. Outwardly arrogant and playfully manipulative, Mustang is a very smart character who is always one step ahead. One can see Mustang's scheming ways at work when he devises a situation to allow Edward to take the State Alchemist examination, which would have otherwise been impossible because of Ed’s very young age. While perceived as merely a glory hog who doggedly pursues promotions and praise, his true goals are nobler than that, as the fierce loyalty of his good friend Lt Col. Maes Hughes, Major Alex Louis Armstrong, and his own subordinates, among whom are 1st Lieutenant Hawkeye, 2nd Lieutenants Havoc and Breda, Sergeant Major Fuery, and Warrant Officer Falman, proves.

Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes: Colonel Mustang’s best friend and a member of the Investigations Division in Central (the largest city of Amestris). He’s more involved with police work than actual battles. He’s quite the family man, obsessed with his daughter, Elysia, and keeps shoving pictures of her to anyone he meets. Nevertheless, Hughes has a very sharp mind, and he never misses an opportunity to help out Mustang to fulfil his goals.

2nd Lieutenant Jean Havoc: A soldier of Amestris who is instantly recognised from the cigarette hanging from the end of his mouth most of the time. A good sniper who goes by the book and a loyal man to his boss, Colonel Mustang (even though the said boss has the nasty habit of stealing his girlfriends), Havoc is the one who has the “fortune” to come across something very odd in the middle of the road on his way back home.

1st Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye: Mustang’s second-in-command. She lives up to her name, as her aiming skills with a gun are quite unmatched.

Major Alex Louis Armstrong: He is also known by the codename the Strong Arm Alchemist, named for his skill of using arm strength in his alchemy. He was born into an elite family of alchemists and has mastered his family's techniques. Though his sheer size is intimidating, Armstrong is quite the sensitive and sentimental man.

2nd Lieutenant Heymans Breda: One of Mustang’s subordinates. He likes to joke around with his colleagues.

Warrant Officer Vato Falman: Part of Mustang’s group. Falman is particularly known for his precision and data.

Sergeant Major Kaine Fuery: A kind man who cares for animals and everyone else. He is also part of Roy Mustang's group and is the youngest and lowest-ranked member. He is extremely talented with radio signals.

Winry Rockbell: Ed and Alphonse’s childhood friend. She’s the mechanic who made Edward’s automail limbs. An orphan herself, she lives with her grandmother, Pinako Rockbell, another automail engineer.

Black Hayate: A true dog of the military, Black Hayate was a little puppy that Fuery picked up on a rainy street one day out of pity. He couldn’t keep the dog himself (living in a dorm that didn't allow pets), so the puppy was eventually adopted by Riza Hawkeye. But not before she freaked out the puppy (and all of Mustang's staff) by shooting an outline of bullets around it (without harming it) when it relieved itself on the office wall.

Lust: One of the bad guys. Her title is "Ultimate Lance". Her fingernails are able to extend and turn into razor sharp blades which can seemingly pierce through anything.

Gluttony: Another bad guy. True to his name, he is always eager to eat anything, or anyone, living or dead. The muscles in his jaws are very powerful and his saliva acidic, dissolving even the toughest metals to feed his ravenous appetite. He has the mentality of a child and a very dependent nature, thus he’s emotionally latched onto Lust and takes direction from her.

Envy: One of the worst bad guys. An androgynous figure with a dry wit, Envy has the ability to assume the form of any person and copy their voice. He also displays high agility, feats of superhuman strength when enraged, and the power to manipulate his body to form weapons and poisonous animals such as snakes.

And, hopefully, this is enough for you to come by for the present. Any other information will be added in the story, which is about to unfold right now…

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