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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Middle Earth Gate
Submitter: Date: 2006/3/4 Views: 551 Rate: 6.00/3
Middle Earth Gate
Summary: While exploring, Legolas and Strider come across an unusual structure that could put not just Arda but the entire galaxy in danger. (I blame Michelle for this story *grin*)

Timeline: LotR: III 2995 (Aragorn 64 years old) pre-quest and post Thorongil, Stargate SG1: between “Ascension” and “The Fifth Man”

Rating: M

Betas: Geris (Grammar and Spelling), Michelle (Comprehension)

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of them, written purely for enjoyment.

Chapter 1: Unhealthy Interest

<<SGC, Earth>>

He waited patiently as his best team filed into the room.

“So...what’s up?”

He hid a smile as Jack questioned him and spoke with his customary bluntness. “There have been reports that the Goa’uld have taken an increased interest in a planet called Arda.”

“Do we have the address, sir?” Samantha asked.

“We do. The gate has recently been uncovered; they’re preparing to send a probe through as we speak.”

“What is the Goa’uld’s interest?” Teal’c enquired.

“Unknown at this time,” General Hammond replied, “but whatever it is, I don’t want the Goa’uld getting their hands on it.”


Sîdh,” the Ranger said soothingly to the magnificent horse as he patted its neck. “All is well.”

“Well, I do not know about your horse, mellon nín, but after having the ground move under me I would not be so inclined to accept your assurances that the world was fine.” The humour-laced melodious voice caused Strider to look over his shoulder at the elf that had accompanied him on this trip. “Though you are adan, so perhaps having the ground move is perfectly normal.”

“This from the elf that can balance in the most storm shook tree in Arda?” Strider returned with a chuckle, causing Legolas to laugh from where he stood stroking his own horse’s neck.

“That is no great feat,” Legolas replied

“Not for a wood elf,” Strider returned, before becoming serious again. “If these fellows have calmed down we should go see whether that tremor destabilised anything.”

“Strider, who, bar insane Rangers, even travel out this far?”

“Well us insane Rangers would like to know if the terrain has changed before stumbling across it one dark night,” Strider answered smiling back at his friend.

“Very well, let us go update your Ranger map,” Legolas replied, chuckling.

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