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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean
For crossovers with the movie(s) "Pirates of the Caribbean".
Articles: 6

Crowdaughter (Aislynn Crowdaughter) 2007/9/30
Even the captain of the Flying Dutchman had to learn how to navigate...

Empy 2007/9/30
Title: On Starless Waters Far Astray
Author: Empy [empyreus(at)]
Pairing: Imrahil/James Norrington
Fandom: Lord of the Rings/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover
Rating: R
Disclaimer: LotR belongs to JRR Tolkien; PotC belongs to Disney. This is a work of fiction, and, as such, a pack of lies that the author derives no monetary benefit from.
Feedback: Yes, please.
A/N: Written for EdorasLass for the Sons of Gondor 2006 Halloween fic exchange. Part of her request read "if anyone wants to do some bizarre Norrington/Boromir or Norrington/Imrahil crossover, I would probably drop dead with the happy", and my brain took the idea and ran.
Set between PotC: tCotBP and PotC: DMC and in roughly TA 3016.

Sigil 2006/4/28
Summary: Sequel to Between Worlds. SWLOTR. Second installment in The Gatekeeper Archives. Aragorn, Legolas, Will, and Jack are forced into another world to solve the deepening mystery.
Rating: K+

Sigil 2006/4/28
Summary: LotRPotC crossover. First installment in The Gatekeeper Archives. Aragorn and Legolas stumble into the Pirates of the Carribean world and must find a way home before these modern inventions kill them...
Rating: K+

Sandy G 2006/4/22
Title: That’s Interesting NC-17 Legolas/Jack Sparrow
Author/Email: sandyg
Pairing: The Pretty Elf and the Pretty Pirate
Rating: NC-17
Type: FPS
Summary: When Jack is again marooned on that ever unpopular island, he discovers another out of sorts visitor... who has his own interesting ideas.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing names from the Mouse and JRRT. No harm intended. Kiss, kiss. And doing the research was so much fun... watch “PotC” over and over? I’ll take as a job, please.

surreysmum 2006/4/6

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