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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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The Chronicles of Narnia
The Chronicles of Narnia
Crossovers with any of the Narnia books by C. S. Lewis or any of the film adaptions.
Articles: 5

Ilada (IladaJefiv) 2008/10/18
As Legolas flees from the orcs that killed his patrol, he stumbles onto a cave that drops him into the land of Narnia. What is his purpose here, and why does the White Witch want him so badly? Can he stand against her magic? Narnia/LOTRs crossover.

ningloreth 2006/8/27
Title: Eowyn and the Centaur
Part: 1/1
Regular Fandom/Pairing: The Lord of the Rings, Legolas/Eowyn
Crossover Fandom/Character(s): The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, General Oreius
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are the creation of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis (ish), Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media, and have been used, without permission, for no financial gain.
Summary: What exactly happens when a creature is turned to stone by the White Witch? (Set in Middle Earth, after The Return of the King).
Authorís Notes: Who could watch Narnia and not wonder what it would be like to ride General Oreius? Ahem.

Seerandgel (Seerandgel) 2006/5/27
Lotr/Narnia X-over. WIP A Susan/Twin romance. Narnia and Arda belong to Tolkien and Lewis.

Lady Grey (Lady Grey) 2006/2/23
Author: Lady Grey
Summary: Boromir can't sleep, and has an encounter in Lorien
Rating: K
Category: Gen, some angst
Disclaimer: Middle-Earth and Boromir belong to J.R.R. Tolkien and his heirs, Narnia belongs to C.S. Lewis and his heirs. I make no profit from this, and have loved the source material all my life.

Cuthalion 2006/2/14
Summary:This came into being following a sudden outburst of crossovers after half of my hobbit-fanfic-writing friends had watched "Narnia" (me included). First I laughed, then I found myself writing this (absolutely surprising) Narnia/LOTR-drabble. And it is also - lo and behold! - my very first Legolas-piece!
Rating: PG

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