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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Real Person Fiction
Real Person Fiction
For crossovers with Real Person Fiction.
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Michelle 2007/5/20
Title: Sharing Warmth
Author: Michelle
Email: michelle [at]
Summary: Two strangers meet.
Series: Small Alterations (follows “Temptation”, which is posted offsite.)
Pairing: Orlando/Viggo, Orlando/Aragorn
Timeline: early 2000
Beta: Namarie
Genre: crossover, slash, romance, PWP
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Aragorn is Tolkien’s and Orlando and Viggo belong to themselves. Damn.
Author’s Note: After a year I finally came back to this universe. This will make more sense if you have read “Temptation”, because apart from the plotless smut, the frame consists of a continuous backstory.

Liriel 2006/9/3
Title: A Long Way From Home
Author: Liriel
Pairing: VM/L (are you confused yet?)
Rating: NC-17, just to be safe
Warnings: AU, uh, slight passing references to het
Summary: A lot of stories are written about people being transported to Middle Earth. This story is about what happens when a denizen of Middle Earth is transplanted to Earth.
Disclaimer: As usual, I'm talking out of my arse. I don't own Leggy *pouts* and I don't own Vig. Although technically, I do, because this is AU so I'm only using his name and devastating good looks. I own all the other losers though!
Completely unbeta'd, because you can't expect someone to beta their present!
A/N: Written for my beloved catlover2x, she who can dance rings around the moon.
A/N2: Words in italics are spoken in elvish.

surreysmum 2006/4/6

Sandy G 2006/3/10
Author: sandyg
Type: FPS, RPS
Pairing: Aragorn/Orlando
Rating: PG-13 to start
Disclaimer: No money made from anything.
Author notes: I remember someone at the Characters in Bloom site posted this plot bunny and it stuck with me. Here it finally is... oh yes, and I know that in book canon Halbarad died in battle but I like him so he’s still breathing. I see him as Aragorn’s protective older bro.
Summary: After many years as King Aragorn finds himself needing to quell his physical urges. Along comes a young Harad savage to tease his senses

Pecos 2005/12/29
Title: Beyond the Far Horizon - Master Copy
Author: Pecos - (Queen of Snarks)
Beta: Gloria Mundi:
Rating: R - m/m slash sex, angst, adult language
Feedback: remember the golden rule, (please!)
Disclaimer: I don’t make the toys, I’m only playing with them. No money made, nor disrespect intended
What is it?: FPS / RPS / AU Movie characters, book situation, real people jumping into my own version of our past and theirs. (This is where I wish I’d stayed awake during history classes)
Archive: I’d be honored, just tell me where
Note: This story incorporates many elements. All of them are untrue, but some are more untrue than others

Michelle (Michelle) 2005/12/24
Title: Nightstalker
Author: Michelle
Summary: Viggo and Orlando get lost in the woods in NZ. They run into their respective others.
Rating: K+
Genre: Crossover triple drabble (300 words, exactly), Slash (A/L, V/O).
Series: Crossing the Line

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