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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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World Within Worlds
Submitter: Date: 2011/4/24 Views: 212 Rate: 0.00/1

Arthur looked down at the party enfolding. He was on a large balcony of the Green Dragon Inn dressed in a white shirt and jeans (his best). He wondered why Morgana would pick a pub that specialised in Thai food for her birthday when Uther had offered to hire out a night club instead, but he had long given up predicting her weird tastes.

He remembered when his father had first shown up to give Morgana her present (a Tiffany watch) and then disappear. He had avoided his son, which was just as well. Arthur was in no mood to confront his father yet, not so soon after his adventures in Middle Earth (was it only a week ago?).

He looked back at his lover while he finished his meal and smiled. Gwen was talking non-stop about something and Merlin was laughing while rice dropped into his lap. He and Arthur still waited for the results of the test, but the blonde knew in his heart that everything would be fine. Difficult to explain, but fine. Merlin was a far cry from the time Arthur had found him in his bedsit so many weeks ago. He was still skinny and pale, but he looked so much healthier and full of life. His lover was about to join Professor Gaius’ dream class the follow week and Gawain had been teaching him to protect himself when he dreamwalked.

Arthur thought of the lupine, as he called himself, and scanned the crowd below. He found him still with his half sister, being very charming but stealing glances at Celimdol every now and then. Knowing Morgana she would have noticed and taken it in her stride. The elf was at one of the tables, surrounded by a group of people, (mainly Will, Merlin’s student friends and some of Morgana’s work mates thrown in) answering questions politely from all sides. He still had the beanie on that Gwen had given him and Morgana had dressed him in a pale blue tee with skinny black jeans. Even to Arthur’s eyes, he knew why the elf was getting so much attention. He looked frazzled and Arthur felt some pity towards the elf. Cynan’s brother would have to get used to it.

The blonde then noticed Lance call Celimdol over to help him with a few trays of drinks. Arthur was glad Gwen’s lover could make the party; it was touch and go because of shortage of staff at the A+E, but the rugby player (much to the blonde’s delight when he found out because someone had to replace Val) had found a way to turn up, somehow. Arthur laughed at the look of relief on the young elf’s face as he helped Lance with the drinks.

The two politely pushed their way through the crowd and came up the wrought iron spiral stair case bearing their load. Merlin’s eyes lit up and Arthur groaned inside. “Merlin, be careful. One sniff of a barman’s crotch and you’re anyone’s!”

The black haired scrawny art student poked his tongue out at him and smiled his goofy smile and Arthur’s insides melt.

“I come bearing gifts,” said Lance as he settled his tray and himself down next to Gwen. “Well, vodka shots.”

Celimdol settled his tray on another table and seated himself there, leaving the space next to Merlin empty and Arthur loved the elf for that gesture. The blonde sat next to his lover and kissed him on his cheek, receiving a full in-you-face-snog in return. “How much have you drunk already?” Arthur asked suspiciously when he came up for air.

Merlin gave a look of innocent indignation. “A beer, a small JD,” Gwen laughed at that, “and some pink drink that your sister said had my name all over it.”

Arthur just rolled his eyes and told Celimdol to drag his chair over to their table. “So, how are you coping?”

The elf blushed. “People keep touching my backside. Is that a form of hello on your world?”

They all laughed and Merlin told him what to say the next time that happened.

“Er, no,” said Gwen, giving her friend a playful punch on the shoulder. “You do not tell them to go away and multiply. You just politely say you’re not interested. Unless you are of course, then you get their number. If you have a ‘phone, that is. Oh, do you have a ‘phone yet? Not that you should give your number to anyone, I didn’t mean that. You have your reputation to think of. Not that I’m saying you have to be hard to get or anything’ Although, I’m not saying you should be a bit of a tart, unless you want to be of course.” Gwen closed her mouth at their laughing, but Lance just kissed her embarrassed cheek. Celimdol simply looked confused and smiled politely.

“There is a law about parties, especially birthday parties,” said Morgana at the top of the stairs and they all turned their attention to her. “The birthday girl is not to be left out of the drinking.” Somehow his half sister had dumped the lupine and sniffed out the shots and Arthur smiled as she brought the last chair over and sat between Celimdol and Lance.

“Wait wait wait,” cried out Merlin as they went for the shots. “We need to do a toast.”

They all then went into an argument about what the toast should be about. Morgana insisted yet another one about her being the birthday girl. Merlin said they should just toast sex. Gwen and Lance said it should be about world peace while Celimdol asked if it was still part of the drinking game (Will had already plied the elf with several shorts saying that it was a London tradition, with no side affects on Celimdol so far).

Arthur stood and cleared his throat. With a voice that could just be heard above the music he said “To the Buckland Brewers.”

They all looked at him and smiled. Raising their glasses, they repeated his last words and downed the shots.

“Right then,” said Morgana. “Let’s finish these, and bless you Lance for buying so much, then dance, then drink some more, then finish off the night at my place.” The group cheered their approval of the plan.

It was then that Gawain appeared at the top of the stairs and, after glancing at Celimdol who blushed at the attention, turned to Arthur. “Can, erm, anyone join in?”

Merlin, swaying slightly, appeared at his lover’s side, barring the way onto the balcony. He prodded a finger into the lupine’s muscled chest. “Just so that we get this straight,” he said in a whisper that only the three could hear. “You harm him or fuck him up, then we two fuck you up and not in a good way. Got it?” The youth, all limbs and no co-ordination sat back down again.

Gawain turned to Arthur. “What are you, his parents or something?”

Arthur sighed and grasped Gawain’s shoulder. “Just say we’re his older brothers. We’re keeping a promise. Look, we’ve been through a lot and I just want you to give us some room. Come with us later to Morgana’s place and you can get to know us better, yeah?”

The man nodded in understanding and simply said “Yeah,” before disappearing back down to the heaving crowd.

When the blonde turned back he noticed them all looking with admiration at him. “What?”

Merlin raised a shot and with a look of love simply said “To the Third Officer of the Buckland Brewers.” The others joined in.

* * *

Leon noticed them pile into two black cabs. It was late and he felt lonely and tired, but he had a job to do. He made sure a tenth time that night that the silver spike and bullets were in his bag next to him in the passenger seat. Seeing that the cabs pulled away from the pub, he went to follow.

It was lonely being a werewolf hunter.

The End?
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