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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Modern Day
Modern Day
For all your fics that place Tolkien characters in modern times. Open to all characters, genres and ratings.
Articles: 16

Mornen (Mornen) 2011/8/21
Summary: Sequel to Of Skyscrapers and Subways. The fellowship, joined by Elrond, moves out of Boston to escape from Saruman who is searching for the one ring. VCF
Rating: T

Mornen (Mornen) 2011/7/11
Summary: The company finds themselves in a strange, unknown world, filled with danger and machinery. How did they get there? Will they ever get back? And can they survive the 21st century? strange and orignal despite cliched description. revised and complete.
Rating: K+
Genre: Drama, Fantasy

welshinnit (welshinnit) 2011/4/24
Title: Worlds Within Worlds
Rating: PG-13 (some violence and Merlin tends to swear, a lot)
Disclaimer: Owned by Shine, BBC, Tolkien Estates, and Turbine (for the internet game). Please donít sue me, Iím only playing!
Warnings/spoilers: none in this bit
Summary: Merlin Travels with his friends. Is it into his dreams? Can he protect them?

A/N: This whole piece is based on my experiences whilst playing Lord of the Rings Online and my characters in the kinship Buckland Brewers are used here. The pre-sequel is at my journal and, for the life of me, I can not form a link at this time of night (it has been a looong day and I am definitely technophobic. Woe is me!)!!!

A/n2: OK, sober(ish) and wishing it was easier to put in links, the back story should be here, I hope:

welshinnit (welshinnit) 2011/4/24
No summary provided.

Imhiriel (Imhiriel) 2007/10/21
In our not-so-distant past, in a time of change, a mysterious stranger witnesses an event which would alter the course of a nation.

From HASAís ďOliphaunt PenĒ for closed challenges: Maglor in History.

MEFAwards 2007: 2nd Place Ė Genres: Crossover: General

Imhiriel 2007/10/21
Summary: The Brown Wizard in the modern world. Drabble.

Jael (Jael) 2007/9/17
A sequel to Not Fade Away. A clueless CPS worker investigates the complaint of a child being raised by 'crazy cultists.' Misapprehensions abound as we get a peek into the home life of the mysterious, reclusive 'Aaron Rivers' and his son. Rated PG-13 for strong language.

Gandalfs apprentice (Gandalfs apprentice) 2006/10/31
If you know where to look, Middle-earth is still with us. A mother has a strange experience in the California woods. Rating: K. A Halloween tale.

Tolkien's characters are not mine and never were. I'm just having fun.

Jael (Jael) 2006/9/4
Modern Day AU LOTR fanfiction by Jael

Summary: A modern day woman lands a job that is too good to be true at a mysterious toy company, where things are not as they seem. Has she strayed into a dream? Drama; humor. Characters: All the usual Mirkwood suspects and an OFC. Rated PG-13 (T) for innuendo and naughty language. AU

Liriel 2006/9/3
Title: A Long Way From Home
Author: Liriel
Pairing: VM/L (are you confused yet?)
Rating: NC-17, just to be safe
Warnings: AU, uh, slight passing references to het
Summary: A lot of stories are written about people being transported to Middle Earth. This story is about what happens when a denizen of Middle Earth is transplanted to Earth.
Disclaimer: As usual, I'm talking out of my arse. I don't own Leggy *pouts* and I don't own Vig. Although technically, I do, because this is AU so I'm only using his name and devastating good looks. I own all the other losers though!
Completely unbeta'd, because you can't expect someone to beta their present!
A/N: Written for my beloved catlover2x, she who can dance rings around the moon.
A/N2: Words in italics are spoken in elvish.

Princess Faz (Princess Faz and Make it Stop) 2006/7/22
Summary: What if Faramir and Boromir had been hillbillies?
Rating: T
Genre: Humour, Parody

misty (Misty) 2006/5/13
Summary: Aragorn meets a distant relative from the far future who needs his help.

2007 MPA nominee

Disclaimers: Aragorn, the world of Middle-earth and all recognizeable characters belong to Tolkien and his estate. I do not own any of them. Only my original characters belong to me.

Rating: K+

Silentstream 2006/4/2
Author: Silentstream
Summary: The palantir are being gathered and accounted for. One is missing. Gandalf leads an expedition into another world to get it. This takes place after the War of the Ring, but before the Exodus of the elves from MiddleEarth.
Rating: K+
Genre: General
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I don't own any of Tolkien's stuff. I haven't been alive long enough! Any sneaking lawyer types will be beaten off with large stale loaves of bread.

Ilmarien Astiniel 2006/2/22
Title: Loving Feanor
Author: Ilmarien Astiniel
Type: FPS
Pairings: Feanor/Nerdanel/Me/various
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: fluffiness, Feanor psychos.
Disclaimer: I do not own Lotr or any characters, lands, or items from the Tolkien world. They belong to their respective copyright holders. I am not making any money off of this and it is purely for my own amusement.
Archive:Ilmatarofmiddlearth, Lotr fanfiction, Mirrormere -
anywhere else, just ask
Feedback: Yes please
Summary: Author finds favourite fictional character has ended up in modern times and helps him.

Pecos 2005/12/29
Title: Beyond the Far Horizon - Master Copy
Author: Pecos - (Queen of Snarks)
Beta: Gloria Mundi:
Rating: R - m/m slash sex, angst, adult language
Feedback: remember the golden rule, (please!)
Disclaimer: I donít make the toys, Iím only playing with them. No money made, nor disrespect intended
What is it?: FPS / RPS / AU Movie characters, book situation, real people jumping into my own version of our past and theirs. (This is where I wish Iíd stayed awake during history classes)
Archive: Iíd be honored, just tell me where
Note: This story incorporates many elements. All of them are untrue, but some are more untrue than others

ElenaRoan 2005/12/24
A Rookie gets a quick lesson in the ways of the world. I blame Michelle for this story.

Betas: Geris (Grammar and Spelling), Michelle (Comprehension)

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