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Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Pointy-Eared Mischief
Submitter: Date: 2006/6/13 Views: 193 Rate: 0.00/2
Summary: Rating: NC-17
Genre: Action, Humour
Pairing: Elrohir/Elladan/Troi, Crusher/Rumil
Warnings: Smut!
Summary: A humorus crossover of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Lord of the Rings. After an important ambassador goes missing, the crew of the EnterpriseD must find him, but they find much more than they expected. Those silly elves and Vulcans...
Disclaimer: I, TrekQueen, will not receive anything in return for this work and I give all credit of Star Trek and Lord of the Rings to The Great Bird of the Galaxy and The Great Wizard of Middle Earth.

Distress Call
Author's Notes:
This is purely a humorous crossover I've been planning on writing for quite a while. I don't know if it's been done before but I got a real laugh out of thinking about plot lines and character interaction. Also, the set time frame of when this is happening in the Star Trek Universe is sometime after the episode Unification (parts I and II). I believe the LOTR time frame will be fairly obvious through the dialogue and plot.

Chapter One: Distress Call

"Captain's Log: Stardate 45547 point 7. The current mission of the Enterprise to study unstable electromagnetic distortions in Sector 18 has been put on hold. I received a communique from Starfleet Command with new orders. Admiral Necheyev has commanded us to retrieve an escape pod and survivors from the transport ship S.S. Burgon who have crashed on a planet ten light years from our current position. The system is close to the Neutral Zone and we must be careful of Romulan intervention. This rescue operation is of the upmost priority, considering the identity of one of the passengers aboard the transport..."

* * * * *
Captain Jean-luc Picard settled himself into his chair at the head of the table in the Observation Lounge. He glanced around at his senior staff seated with him, they awaited his explanation of the situation.

"Starfleet has suspended our survey of Sector 18 for the time being," he explained, looking to each one of them. "We are to respond to a distress call sent out by escape pods of the S.S. Burgon in the Fornal system along the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone and retrieve the surviving passengers and crew."

"Why has Starfleet arranged for us to respond?" queried Commander Will Riker. "There are other starships within closer range."

Picard took a breath before responding, "A diplomatic ambassador of the Federation was aboard the transport. He was traveling secretly from Romulus back into Federation space when the ship was disabled and suffered unknown damage causing the crew and passengers to abandon ship."

"Ambassador Spock," said Lieutenant Commander Data. It was not a question but more of a statement.

"Yes," Picard answered. "The Ambassador was returning to debrief Federation officials on the situation of Romulus' reunification work with Vulcan. He is our main priority as well as retrieving all Starfleet equipment and debris from the planet the pods crashed on. There is a pre-Industrial age culture developing and we must follow the Prime Directive of non-interference."

Everyone nodded in agreement to his statement. They knew the drill and what was to be expected but hopefully they would not come across any obstacles in this mostly simple retrieval mission.

"Doctor Crusher," Picard addressed his chief medical officer. "Prepare med-kits and equipment you will need if there are casualties. Not all the information is available yet on the crew and passengers' status."

"Right away, Captain," she responded.

"Sir?" came a request.

"Yes, Commander LaForge?"

"There are severe distortion fields throughout the Fornal solar system," LaForge explained. "If those are the reasons for the Burgon's difficulties, we may have to be wary of them ourselves. Depending on how intense the fields are close to the specific planet, we might have to take a shuttle to the surface."

"Thank you for the warning, Mr. LaForge," Picard said. "Dismissed."

Everyone stood and departed the room for the Bridge.

"Helm, what is our ETA to the Fornal system?"

"Three hours, sir," the young ensign responded quickly.
"Increase our warp speed by a factor of two," Picard ordered. "Emergency priority."

"Yes, sir," the ensign answered and quickly changed the settings. "We will arrive in one hour."

* * * * *
The Enterprise swept soundlessly through the vacuum of space as she slipped from warp speed into one quarter impulse speed upon reaching the edge of the Fornal solar system. The one planet system was smaller than most and very atypical especially because of the distortions in the surrounding space. Federation and Starfleet surveyors had yet to study the system fully so the crew of the Enterprise was unsure of what to expect. Especially when the ship began to shake.

"Captain," Data requested. "The inertial dampers and shields can withstand the forces of the distortion fields for twenty-four hours. The sensors are having difficulty scanning through the distortion fields and they are especially stronger around the Fornal Prime, its moon and the sun. I suggest we follow Commander LaForge's idea of using shuttles to scan at a closer range to the surface."

"Agreed," Picard said as he held onto the arms of his chair while a shudder ran through the bulkheads. "Number One, assemble an away team to go to the surface by shuttle. Attempt to scan the surface and look for any signals that might have been activated."

"Yes, sir," Riker said as he stood. "Dr. Crusher and Commander LaForge to Shuttle Bay One. Data, Worf, you're with me.
* * * * *
"Commander, I am not picking up any signals except for the distress beacon," Data informed Riker as they piloted the shuttle through the heavy distortions that tended to throw the little vessel about violently at times. "It is located on the northwestern portion of the only continent."

"Geordi, head for the area and try to get as close as you can with a decent landing spot," Riker said as he prepared the others.

"There is a clearing approximately one kilometer from the wooded valley where the beacon is located," Data informed. "However, I am unable to scan for life forms of the Burgon's crew and passengers or the planet inhabitants. We may have to be closer in order to get a clear scan."

"We're at 3,000 meters," LaForge said as he brought the shuttle closer to the surface when suddenly a heavy bounce bumped the shuttle around. "Compensating..."

"These distortion fields aren't helping this search very much," Crusher commented with a sigh.

"Distortion fields are an overwhelming a severe obstacle to starships and smaller vessels, Doctor," Data said. "I do not understand how the fields could help the situation."

"It's a figure of speech, Data," Crusher explained. "Don't worry about it."

"Very well," Data said turning back to his scans as LaForge brought them closer to their destination.

"Implementing landing sequence," LaForge said as he brought the shuttle down to the ground. "We're down."
The back of the shuttle opened and the away team assembled outside the vessel.

"All right, let's stick together since this is a heavily wooded area and we don't want to separate each other," Riker explained.

"Sir, it appears our tricorders are inoperable," Data suddenly spoke up.

All of the away team members instinctively pulled out their tricorders and checked Data's announcement.

"You're right, Data," LaForge said as he went through the settings on his device. "I can't explain the malfunction but I checked all of these before we left the ship."

"Our phasers are not working either," Worf suddenly chimed in after being quiet most of the ride down to the surface. "I do not like how this is developing."

"Data, do you remember in what direction the beacon was located?" Riker inquired.

"Yes, sir. It is one kilometer east of our location," he said. "Follow me."

The troop set out on their walk as Data led them into the forest through a narrowing valley toward a visible mountain range in the east.

"I did not find any nearby settlements while scanning the vicinity," Data informed Riker as they walked side by side. "I believe we will not have to worry about interaction with the inhabitants."

"Good," Riker breathed a sigh of relief. "One less thing to worry about."

They traveled in silence for a time as they made their way. Sunlight filtered through the canopy above them and the far off sounds of birds twittered in the distance. All of them seemed at ease with their surroundings except for Worf who glanced about uneasily.

"Worf, are you all right?" Crusher asked from behind him.
"I... have the feeling someone is watching and following us," he answered, his voice low as he squinted through the trees.

A shrill whistle of a bird split the quiet around them and they all stopped for a moment at the sudden call then all fell into silence.

"Daro!" came a yell from the trees behind them.

Spinning to the rear, they found a lithe, tall figure drop from the high branches onto the path behind them.

"He has a weapon!" Worf bellowed suddenly.

"Yrch!" cried the unknown figure as he suddenly grabbed for a sword at his side and several more similar shrill bird calls were heard throughout the trees.

LaForge moved forward and grabbed Crusher to get her away from the figure that had confronted them. Worf crouched into a fighting stance as the figure in the shadows of the trees took an aggressive stance. He snarled with his lips pulled back as the figure reacted to his moves. Worf then pulled out his Klingon dagger from his pant leg that he usually brought along on Away Missions just for this reason. Worf lunged and the two met with blades clashing together. He leaned in on his knife, trying to pressure his opponent backward. It was then he moved his attacker into a swath of light. Sharp green eyes stared back at him without an ounce of fear. Worf was shoved away as the man equalled and surpassed his force.

Riker ran forward to assist his friend when more figures dropped down just as effortlessly and suddenly as the first and surrounded the away team. One dark-haired humanoid landed in front of Riker and threw him to the ground. Within moments of hitting the ground, Riker found an arrow pointed at him and a boot pressing down on his chest.
Worf hit the ground hard as he was knocked to the ground by his assailant as he was caught off guard by an incredibly fast sidestep. The figure jumped upon him and raised his sword in the air to strike the final and fatal blow.

"No!" Crusher yelled as she ran toward Worf and the attacker who had stopped upon her approach.

He paused in mid-air, his blade ready to kill. Crusher knew that the universal translators had not quite figured out the language yet since it had not translated the figure's words when he arrived. She looked at him imploringly.

"Please, don't hurt him. He is our friend," she said carefully.

"Why should lastoien to you? Leaving him cuin?"the man said, a few words coming through suddenly.

Crusher caught her breath as she realized some of her words might have gotten through if she were able to understand his few words. She watched the man in front of her carefully. He had long golden hair and stood as tall as Worf with uncommon comely features but yet, all of his men did. His less muscular frame however hid his unwavering strength that he had shown against Worf.

"He is our friend," Data said as he came up behind her slowly.

"Yrch Edain mellonin?!" scoffed the one standing on Riker. "Gwarth of men and followers of Sauron."

"Wait, take us to the captain or leader of your people," Riker suddenly said, despite the weight on his chest. "We mean no harm."

"I am the Captain," spoke the one who attacked Worf. "How will I know we can trust you?"

The away team breathed a sigh of relief, except for Data since he is not in need of oxygen, as they realized the universal translator had finally caught up.

"I promise we will not attack you or harm you," Riker said. "We are looking for our friends and comrades. They might be hurt."

The man on top of Riker turned his head to his leader to seek an answer. It was then that the away team noticed his pointed ears.

"Are they Vulcans?" LaForge softly said to Crusher. "Or even Romulans?"

"I do not know," Crusher answered.

The half dozen reinforcements looked at them without understanding their vocabulary and looked to their captain.

"We shall take you to our lord but we must bind the orc," said the leader.

"Him?" Crusher said pointing to Worf. "He is not an orc or any creature you think he is."

"We do not fully trust you yet. You must follow our wishes," the leader said, not moving from Worf one inch. "I will take the word of your leader that you shall not harm us but I will not allow this strange one to be unbound."

"Fine," Riker said. "Now may I get up?"

The one on top of Riker moved away and allowed him to stand. Three of the surrounding guards went to their captain and two took hold of Worf's arms while the third tied his arms with rope.

"All of you follow me," the leader said as he led the way through the woods. "Erestor, go ahead and tell of what has happened here to Elrond."

The dark-haired elf who had handily taken down Riker nodded and disappeared into the trees as the rest silently and slowly walked through the forest.
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