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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Super Nanny in Middle Earth
Submitter: Date: 2008/1/6 Views: 216 Rate: 10.00/1
Summary: Lord Elrond seeks aid when his son’s behaviors were not in control, and found that he is not alone. King Thranduil needs aid too, and Haldir needs to control his brothers as well. Is there any hope for them?

Title: Super Nanny in Middle Earth
Author: Sivan Shemesh
Beta: Tena
Rating: T
Warning: Angst/Humor? Fluff, eye tearing? OOC. OC’s. AU
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them for a life’ experience. And I don’t own Super Nanny, Jo Frost owned her self, I just playing along.
Spoiler: Total AU. Crossover with Super Nanny.
Summary: Lord Elrond seeks aid when his son’s behaviors were not in control, and found that he is not alone. King Thranduil needs aid too, and Haldir needs to control his brothers as well. Is there any hope for them?
Note: No Arwen in the story.

Thanks to: Tena, Manon, Xena, The Huntress, Setare. Ria – for the beloved suggestion, it helps me a lot. To Leaf and Stone Yahoo Group Members.

A/N: This is my first crossover, and my first National Novel Writing Month, I do hope that enjoy read it, and please pay attention to the warning.

Part 1: Chaos



Lord Elrond woke to a beautiful day; he thought that the day would smile over him in peace… but the clouds soon covered the sun away, making Imladris to look dark even in the morning.

‘Please Valar, do not be cruel to me… all I ask is for some peace and quiet, nothing more, please hear my prayer.’ Elrond prayed hoping that his day would be better than the previous as he tried to discipline his elfling and the human boy.

Estel was a free spirit, and loved learning the twins’ new games.

Elrond watched with fear as the boy and the twins climbed up a tall tree, Estel was in the middle with Elrohir climbing first, and Elladan was in the rear, watching the boy and not letting him fall.

When they sat upon the branch, Elrond could felt his heart beating harder and faster.  He watched each of them trying to walk upon the unsteady branch.

His heart missed a bit as he watched the boy fall upon the branch and hang by his hands, though his legs swung in the cold chili air.

“Hold still, Estel, I will catch you,” Elrond said to him.

Then with no warning the boy fell to the ground with helpless cry.

Elrond caught him and placed him softly at the ground, and then he yelled to the twins.

“Elladan, Elrohir, I will catch you,” Elrond said, hoping they would listen to him.

“Will you catch us, Ada?” Elrohir asked, as his older brother giggled.

“I will.” Elrond replied.

“Both of us?” Elladan asked, as both the twins now giggled. They seemed to have a hidden agenda against their helpless Adar.

“Aye, I will catch both of you,” he replied, and hoped that he would manage to do so.

“Are you certain? Adar?” Both of the twins giggled, daring their Adar.

“Aye, I will catch both of you…”

Then Elladan jumped, and Elrohir jumped right after his twin.

He caught first Elladan and put down his softly.


Elrond could feel the weight of his elfling upon his back.

“That was indeed a great catch, hannon-le, Adar.” Elrohir greeted his Adar, and ran after his twin and the boy.

With heavy sigh Elrond walked toward the house, hoping that at least if he arranged a lunch break it might save everyone from the triple wrath and especially him.

But to his horror, the elflings and the boy ran after him into the kitchen, and scaring the maids who were cooking and making great tasty foods for all.

“Why? Why me?” Elrond called in his heart.

“My Lord Elrond,” the chief kitchen maid had no love for the twins or her lord’s foster son’s behavior. “Control them before they destroy the kitchen!”

Elrond only nodded, he was close to breakdown, and he knew it.

‘I am the Lord here; I should be the one with the power, not them, the orcling… no… no… wait… they are my orclings…’ Elrond thought sadly as he stared at the naughty ones who kept fooling around and disturbing everyone.

The elflings and the boy were running around and fooling with the elves, but mostly their Adar.

Elrond did not know what to do.  He could feel how frustration grew in him, and he was angry with them.

The vein in his head started to throb as he glared at them.

“ESTEL, ELLADAN, ELROHIR, STOP!!!” Elrond shouted, but it seemed useless. The elflings and the boy continued to run, and it seemed that for Elrond there is nothing that he could do about that.

Elrond could feel himself growing inpatient and could felt his body go limp, as he collapsed on the ground. He prayed for the Valar to help him with them, as he had no power left in him.

The elflings and the boy took his power, as he collapsed on the ground.



King Thranduil started suddenly thinking of his late wife, Süitruîn, but a sound of laughter caught the image of her in his mind.

Thranduil was angry at his son’s behavior; he thought that at least his son would have a great discipline and yet he seemed to have none.

King Thranduil broke the council he was in as he watched his son fooling the guards, which should be guarding his land.

Thranduil thought that he had taught his son to behave better than that, and now it seemed that the elfling just did what he wanted to do.

He left the council in anger, tried to control himself as he promised his late wife that he would watch him and always be there for him, and yet he seemed to be failing in this task.

“Princeling Legolas, stop it at once!” Thranduil warned him, but the elfling ignored him as he ran around the trees, or playing ‘Hide and Seek’.

Thranduil walked to the forest, his arms crossed together as he watched the movements of his son, running around as danger seemed unimportant to him.

The king feared losing his son as he had lost his Adar and his wife, he did not wish to lose his only heir.

Legolas, his elvish name is Greenleaf, saw his Adar coming to him. He laughed and believed that his Adar was playing with him.  He ran to the far away tree and hid behind it; his head popped up now and then, to see where his Adar was.

“Greenleaf…” he called to the elfling.

Galdor, the guard, watched how the king tried to get control of his mischievous elfling without any success.

“Your Majesty,” he called to his king.  He bowed, and then he added, “Let me help you with Princeling Greenleaf, Your Majesty, the Chief Counselors, seemed very angry at you for leaving them there.”

The king stared at his guard and nodded, “Hannon-le, and this elfling of mine needs to be tamed somehow, and still remain sweet and cute elfling as he is.”

“Then, your Majesty, wish me luck.” Galdor grinned to his king, and bowed again, as he left to catch the elfling.

Thranduil nodded, and then he walked back to the council, turning from one point or another to the forest, and hoped that the guard will tame his uncontrolled elfling.

The king sat back in his chair, glaring at the Chiefs, “Now you may continue, and if there is any problem each one of you will spend the night in the dungeon, understood?”

The Chiefs nodded in agreement, and re-started the issue they were discussing with the king.

Thranduil nodded at them and start to concentrate on the council discussion, as it involved the safety of his homeland.

In the meanwhile, Galdor tried to catch the elfling, but he began to tire and the elfling still ran as if orcs were chasing after him.

‘What will I tell the king? I failed him…’ Galdor thought, knowing the king would put him in the dungeon if he failed.


“Princeling Legolas…” Galdor hurried to him, his heart beating faster and harder as he feared that something had happened to the elfling.

Galdor ran trying to find him, worried that he was in pain. Then, he could see the elfling curled in a tight ball.  Galdor’s heart stopped beating as he knelt by the elfling.

“BOO!” Greenleaf yelled at the guard, laughing at the frown and scared face upon him. And then the elfling ran away still laughing at the guard. Galdor almost cursed the elfling to scare him like this.

“Please Valar, help me before this elfling will be the death of me…” Galdor prayed.



The March warden, Haldir, tried to do his best to finish his guard duty with out any problems. He watched the sky above him. He could hear their voices even if they seemed to be far away.

And everyday as he did his job, he knew that Lady Galadriel would call him and tell him that he was released from the guard, just to control his siblings before evil would approach Lothlórien.

His siblings, Orophin and Rúmil, had mischievous spirits; both of them could be the innocent one, or evil itself.

His brothers did not help him; they distracted him from his work as a guardian. He wanted to guard his homeland.

You know what you have to do, Haldir, tame them before I will do something that I will regret…” Lady Galadriel spoke to Haldir, as another guard came and reached his point to release him.

Haldir sighed heavily, knowing that he should prepare to chase his siblings. He had to do it everyday.

He walked to the tent above the tree line where they lived.

“OROPHIN, RUMIL!” He called with firm and stern voice.

But the elflings did not stop, not at all, as they jumped from branch to branch letting the other elves stare at them with heavy glares and yet some with a frown.

“That is it,” Haldir said to himself, glaring at the jumping elflings, “I give you till the sun goes down, hope that I will catch you soon, or I have no idea what I will do to you, actually, there is no guarantee of what I will do to you both.”

He could hear them laughing, and yet all he could do just watch them, till he moved to the tree where they sat and laughed at him upon the highest branch.

He climbed up the tree, and tried not to fall as he could feel something hitting him. He dared not to look up, as the hit was too much for him.

Apples thrown by his mischievous brothers, hit him and made him angry.  It was worse than being hit by an enemy.

He knew that enemies could miss and he could shoot at them and killed them, but dealing with his brothers, as he loves them, his heart only ached at the thought of hurting them, which he could not.

He could feel his hands slipping as a couple of apples hit his head. He cursed them for aiming so well.

Lady Galadriel would be pleased if they would finally grow up and be of service to her.  Their skills were good.  But no, he decided to climb up to them and let them aim at him right away.

Haldir seemed helpless, as once he reached the branches they were on, they seemed to vanish from his eyes as the wind blew his face.

The March warden could feel how the vein near his neck began to throb. He was furious with them, and yet he knew that he could do nothing to stop them and he did not want to hurt them.

Haldir set himself upon the highest branch and tried to find where his siblings jumped.

His heart missed a beat as he noticed Orophin and Rúmil near to his lord and lady’s house.

He climbed down quickly, trying to catch them before they popped their heads in the house.

Haldir, I thought that I told you something… if you will not succeed, you and your brothers are banished, and you may not return until I will see for myself that their behavior has improved.” Haldir bowed his head.

‘What the worst that could happen to me?’

He watched the sky, noticing how quickly it had grown dark.

You became a great guard here, but I am afraid you and your siblings are banished. You may come back when they have manners.

Haldir sighed in defeat, walked toward their tent, collected their packs, and waited for them to appear.

His siblings came together at the opening of the tent, staring at their big brother with their packs.

“Gwador?” Rúmil asked, staring at his big brother.

“We are banished, brothers, check quickly if I miss anything, and let us go.  We must new house to live in.” Haldir replied with firm voice.

His brothers did as they told, and from time to time, they watched their brother.

“You took everything?” Haldir asked, noticed their hands full of things.

Both of them nodded.

Haldir left the tent that used to be their home, walking with slumped shoulders; his siblings walked on each side.



At night…

Lord Elrond let himself relax as he watched his elflings and the boy go into their room for the night. He could see they were exhausted, even the boy yawned.

Elrond walked to each bed, knelt beside it, and kiss them on their forehead.

Their faces were so cute as he watched them. ‘My orclings are everything to me. I love them, but I do wish them to be cute and sweet and not act like they did today.

He really hoped that tomorrow he could handle them with firm and steady hands.

Elrond walked to the doorframe, watched them as they slept, and then he departed from their room, leaving the door half open. Estel was still afraid of the dark. He walked back to his own room, and then he closed the door after him.

He lay on the bed, his head on the white pillow, thinking of his elflings and the boy. He knew that the boy had a great spirit, and his land seemed to be happy, and yet in terror of them.

Then he heard them shout. “ADA!”

‘I wonder what happened now.’ Elrond sighed as he left his bed, headed to the door, opened it, and walked down the hallway where the twins and Estel were together.

Menace. Just like that.

The boy was near at the door when he opened it. He knelt beside the boy, opened his arms, and took him in.

He raised him from the floor and walked over the bed, setting him on the bed, he hurried back to the door, hoping that was the only time.

As soon as he put Estel down, Elladan started crying, and then Elrohir.

‘No… saes, not again…’ Elrond prayed for the Valar.

“ADAR!” The twins cried, and the boy started thrashing around in the bed, and then threw the pillow at his foster Adar.

“ELLADAN, ELROHIR, ESTEL. GO TO SLEEP AT ONCE!” Elrond shouted at them; he could not take it anymore.

The twins and Estel continued to cry, all of because his shouting.

Elrond could tell he was about to breakdown and lose his temper, so he ran from the room, slamming the door and returned to his room, where he locked his door.

He fell asleep with his eyes wide open, and his dreams fill with his sons and his foster child.



At the same time…

King Thranduil finished the council, and departed from it. He nodded to the Chiefs, and then walked to search for his guard and his elfling.

He hoped that his elfling would not cause any problem, nor found himself in trouble.

“Greenleaf, where are you?” Thranduil softly called, and added, “Are you not tired, ion-nin?”

Galdor appeared from the woods. The king stared at him, and became speechless.

Thranduil gathered himself, and asked the guard, “What had happened to you, mellon?”

“Your son, your Majesty,” Galdor bowed, and then collapsed, falling upon the green ground.

“What did he do now?” Thranduil asked, as he was soon near the guard, helping him to gather himself.

“He scared me, my King, I thought that he was hurt, and then he shouted at me and ran away, I could do nothing,” Galdor replied, “Forgive me, my King, but you have a very naughty mischievous elfling.”

“There is nothing to forgive, my friend, and I appreciate you trying to help.  Many other guards have tried before you, but I do have a cute elfling that I keep deeply in my heart, though I might send you with a message to Lord Elrond. I think I will ask him for help, for he deals with twins sons and a boy. He may know better than me.” Thranduil thanked the guard.

“That is probably a great idea, your Majesty,” Galdor seemed to agree with the king’s idea, and added, “He might figure out a way to control them.”

“Aye he might,” Thranduil rubbed his chin, and then turned his face back to the woods, noticed his elfling just staring at him, “Ion?”

“Ada… where were you been? I missed you…” Greenleaf asked his Adar, and Thranduil noticed how innocent his son’s face appeared.

“I missed you too, ion-nin,” Thranduil opened his arms, letting the elfling jump on him, as he softly said to him, “Easy, ion, easy…”

“I love you, Adar.” Greenleaf leaned his head upon his Adar’s shoulder.

“I love you too, ion-nin,” Thranduil softly said to him, and then he walked back to the palace inside the cave, carrying his son all the way.

He could hear that his son’s breathing changing, and wondered, ‘What made you so tired, ion-nin? I was barely at your side, even playing with you.’

The king entered the palace, still holding his princeling securely in his arms. He walked down the long hallway, and then he sighed heavily before he opened the door to his bedroom, where he held a tiny bed, next to him, to keep him safe and close like in his heart.

He laid him on the bed, then Thranduil sat on his bed and watched the elfling as he slept.

‘He is so cute… I am lucky to have him.’ Thranduil thought and smiled at his precious elfling.

“Ada?” Legolas’ voice woke him from his thought.

Thranduil went to his son’s bed, his hand brushing his golden hair, “What is it, ion-nin?”

“Read me a story, Ada…” Legolas asked with pleaded voice.

“What kind of story did you have in mind, my golden child?” Thranduil asked softly, staring at his son’s blue eyes.

“Any story, Ada,” Legolas replied with pleading eyes.

“Well, then, ion, I will tell you a story about your naneth,” Thranduil said, as he stroked his son’s cheek, and started his tale.

“I missed nana, Ada…” Legolas said to his Ada, and could feel the tears leaving his sea blue eyes.

“Ion, do you wish me to tell a story about her?”

“Nay… I will keep her in my heart; tell me another story, ada.”

“Well, my sweet ion, I will tell you a story about spiders.”

“Once upon a time, before you were born, I walked to the forest with my Adar to see the beauty of nature.  Everything was blooming, it was a delicate sight; red and purple flowers appeared near the bushes, the rays of the sun touching my face. It was like the sun smiled at me. And my Adar told me about the birds, and the flowers.  We even had our own tree in the main forest, and it is the most beautiful tree I ever saw.
Adar and I walked deep in the forest, and my hand almost became caught in the spider web. Adar held my hands, and told me to beware, as spiders are evil creatures, once they find you, you can do nothing.”

“What happened next, Adar?” Greenleaf asked, his blue eyes locked on his Ada, he was tense and wanted to know what would happen next.

 “I moved my legs toward the tree and fell down on the ground…” Thranduil replied and then he was being cut off by his elfling.

“What cause you to fall, Ada?”

“There was a trap that the guard hid under the green leaves, and my right leg stepped on it.  I could feel my Adar’s hands shoved me away from the trap, but unfortunately, my hand was caught by a spider web.”

“How did your Adar release you?”

“He removed his knife from the sheath of his leg, moved the blade around my hand as he cut the spider web, and took me from there before the spider could appear.”

“That was a great story, Adar…” Greenleaf said and let his dreams come to him, as his hand lay still on his Adar’s chest.

“I know.” Thranduil whispered and laid Greenleaf’s hand at the side of the bed, taking the white blanket and covered his son’s body, letting the blanket warm his child.

Then he walked toward his bed, and his mind settled back to the times when he and his Adar spent time together before he departed to the Last Alliance War, against Sauron.

“I missed you, Adar…” Thranduil could feel the tiredness come over him, and soon slipped into a restless night as he did miss his wife too.


Somewhere on the road from Lothlórien…

At night

Haldir took the lead as he headed north to Imladris, hoping that Lord Elrond might advise him of what he should do with his naughty siblings. He hoped at least that maybe the lord may have found a cure to this menace the siblings created in the quiet environment.

“We need to find a place we can sleep,” Haldir told them. He smiled when he noticed them holding each other hands.

He could felt their hands upon his clothes, “What is it?”

“What if some orcs attack us?” Rúmil asked.

“Then I will kill him, my brothers; I will not let any evil creatures lay their hands or teeth on you,” Haldir replied.

His siblings started to shake, Haldir noticed them, “What is it, Orophin, Rúmil?”

“What if they are watching us now, waiting for the right moment to eat us?” Orophin asked.

“Then, my little brothers, we need to find a place for the night while I watch over you, and kill who ever wants to kill us.”

“Where are going, Haldir?” Rúmil asked.

“To Imladris, where the twins are and the boy.” Haldir replied, “You remember Estel and the twins?”

“They are our good friends; I cannot wait to see them, Haldir…” Orophin cried of joy.

“Me too,” Rúmil agreed with his brother.

“Come, my brothers, let us find a good place to stay in for the night,” and then he walked toward the woods to Imladris. “The sooner we go, the sooner we will be in Imladris, and you can play with your friends, so I do not want any problem with you sleeping, all right?”

Both of them nodded.

Haldir could see with his keen eyes, a place where they could stay for the night. He led them over, opened their packs, and put them slept on the bedroll while he watched them and scanned the area looking for any danger.


See you next week.

Have a great week and keep smiling.


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