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ArWen the Eternally Surprised
Author: Ria Time: 2007/11/22
Arwen encounters a strange monk and gains a little extra time.
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Consequences of the Heart
Submitter: lynne Date: 2006/9/4 Views: 445 Rate: 8.17/6
Source:Twisting The Hellmouth
Summary: Buffy gave up her life to save everyone, knowing she would never return. Gratefully accepting a new chance of happiness in a new world, she changes. Suddenly she is taken back to Sunnydale, will she stay, or leave again? B/L lotr xover

LEGEND: # Dream or Character POV # / [[___]]indicates telepathic speech /
{{ indicates dialogue in Elven}} / (translation of dialogue) / ‘…’ thoughts ‘bold’ indicates memories or letters
Keywords: legolas buffy

Chapter 1.
~Middle Earth – Third Age - Fellowship’s Journey~

The Fellowship erupted out of the mouth of Moria onto the rocky hillside. The friends drew in the welcome fresh air they had sorely missed on the four-day trek through the mines. Each collapsed into a heap amongst the bleak landscape seeking out the sun to dispel the cold grief that now held their hearts in its chilling grasp. But Gandalf’s loss would not be healed by mere sunlight.

The last to emerge were Legolas and Buffy, who embraced each other, trying to gain some consolation in each other’s arms.

Although Buffy had only known the Fellowship for a few months, seeing Gandalf fall had reminded her of how she had jumped into the portal to save her world. She recognized the look of resignation Gandalf had worn before he let go. She was sure that she herself had worn that same look as she jumped into the portal that night. That terrible, but at the same time wonderful night, when she was released from duty to her world and came to this one. This world, which brought her the one thing, she never had before; somewhere she fitted in. Eventually it had brought her the love of her life.

Aragorn was looking back up the slope calling, “We must be on our way, these slopes will be crawling with orcs by nightfall. We cannot be caught here. Boromir, Gimli get the hobbits up. Buffy, Legolas, we will share our grief together later. We must move on NOW.”

Just as he finished speaking however, this horrible day got a lot worse. Without warning Buffy became rigid screaming, “ Legolas!” The blonde archer caught her as she started to topple and gently laid her on the ground in front of him. He worriedly knelt down beside her reaching out to try and ascertain what was wrong. Suddenly and shockingly she vanished.

“BUFFY…NO… {{Mas bennich?}} (Where did you go?” )as he called out the rest of the Fellowship froze with horror at Buffy’s disappearance. Legolas had now fallen prone to the ground frantically tearing at the earth and rocks in front of him, where once his soul mate had lain. Tears cascading down his pale cheeks while his hands and fingers became covered with blood and dirt from the sharp rocks, he wept, “ Do not leave me, {{Meleth-nin!}} Buffy, where are you, for my eyes see nothing but your sweet face before me!”

The elf’s companions started to scramble towards their distraught friend. It was Aragorn who reached the elf’s side first and seized the flailing hands, restraining them from their harmful clawing. Desperately Legolas tried to break free of his grasp. Meanwhile Boromir came up behind Legolas, knelt down and lifted the elf’s struggling body out of the dirt into a sitting position resting against his own body. Never had they seen their ever calm and collected elven friend break down like this.

Aragorn yelled over his shoulder as with some difficulty he held fast to Legolas’ still flailing hands, “ Sam bring me my pack and get out some water and bandages. We will only have time to bandage his hands for now; I will treat him properly when we stop later. Gimli can you hold his hands still while I tend them?”

As soon as Aragorn let go of one of Legolas’ hands it flew out in a blur and latched in a tight grasp onto his wrist. The elf’s cracked terrified voice implored, “Estel, do not abandon me too, for my eyes see nothing but darkness.”

Then the voice turned to quiet pleading, “ Please, please do not leave me alone while my soul is torn asunder. For I fear I shall never again behold the light of day or the magnificence of the stars and moon, lest it be Buffy who wills it so. I will never feel again lest it be Buffy’s soft caresses upon my trembling form.”

“ Shhhsh …my friend, you have not been completely abandoned, take comfort knowing that we are still here to help you. Doubtless your blindness is only a result of shock and your sight will return once you calm down.” Aragorn replied in a soft low tone trying to soothe his best friend.

Legolas didn’t hear him for he was now muttering to himself distractedly obviously lost in his own world of pain. Frodo, looking very pale, spoke with a sob as he asked fearfully, “ Strider, Bilbo said that elves can die from grief. It’s true isn’t it; we could lose Legolas as well as Gandalf and Buffy?”

The rest of the Fellowship looked towards the ranger hoping against hope that he would shake his head, but Aragorn’s shoulders slumped and his eyes were filled with deep sorrow as he looked over to his companions and nodded. “There may still be hope if we can get him to Lothlorien; the Lady of the Golden Wood may be able to help him. We will not let him go without a fight, that I swear to you.”

Visibly trying to steady himself he continued. “Gimli can you clean Legolas hands and bandage them, I do not believe that he will let go of me anytime soon. The rest of you collect our belongings and prepare to leave as soon as we are finished.”

Once they were ready Aragorn stood and turned to Boromir, speaking in a calm voice, “Please set Legolas on his feet then step away.”

As soon as Legolas was on his feet it became apparent he could not stand unaided. Aragorn turned to Legolas and whispered something in his ear receiving first a vehement shake then a hesitant nod of the head. The elf let go of Aragorn’s wrist slowly and then held his own arms apart in front of him but slightly circled and to the side, the ranger swept Legolas into his arms to cradle him against his chest. Quickly Legolas settled his arms around the ranger’s neck and placed his head against Aragorn’s shoulder where he finally seemed to find some comfort.

Aragorn then turned his attention to the rest of the Fellowship who were now gathered in front of him. “My friends I know that we are all grieving for those who are lost to us, but we must stay strong for each other. There is nothing that can be done for Gandalf or Buffy right now, but there is still something that we can do for Legolas to save him from the same fate. For now our own sorrow must be put aside.”

“Pippin, Frodo I need your sure feet to pick a safe path down this hill for me, ere I fall and cause Legolas and myself injuries that we can ill afford. Sam and Merry, I need you to become our eyes and ears since we cannot rely on Legolas for that at the moment. Gimli, Boromir you will have to take on all the protection duties for the party. Sam you walk with Gimli, Merry you with Boromir, Gimli to the front and Boromir to the back of us. Now let us start to Lothlorien with as much speed as we can make.”

With that Aragorn turned and waited for Frodo and Pippin to lead before carefully making his way down the hill, the rest of the group taking up their positions in resolved silence.

~Sunnydale California 3 months after Buffy leapt from the towers~

Willow continued with the ritual, pain and exhaustion laced her voice making it almost croak as she chanted. Tara tried to reassure Xander and Anya that it was proceeding as it should, but all three knew that the words were hollow.

Suddenly, without warning, the Urn of Osiris disintegrated and the ground in front of them began to quake, while the soil began flying off the top of the grave covering them all in dirt. Tara reached out for Willow and pulled her behind the gravestone, while Xander had grabbed Anya and struggled through the quaking and flying earth to join them. The soil flew from the grave, sounding like a mini tornado. However it looked as though it was being dug up by a very large and over enthusiastic dog looking for its favourite bone. The phenomenon seemed to continue for what seemed forever,
then stopped just as abruptly as it started.

Peering around the gravestone they were amazed to see Buffy’s coffin hovering level just above the grave and as they watched in awe the coffin’s lid flew open. It then tilted forward expelling its contents onto the earth, before the lid slammed closed and the coffin fell back into the grave.

“Oh Goddess, I think it worked,” Willow whispered in stunned awe. Tara squeezed her arm for support before running towards Buffy, Xander right behind.

“Um, Willow, are you sure this is Buffy? Do you notice anything, oh I don’t know. NOT QUITE RIGHT?“ Xander pointed to the young woman face down in front of them.

Her long golden hair was in a braid that stretched half way down her back. She was wearing a silky white shirt and a sleeveless tunic in dark green that was covered in an intricate leafy design embroidered in gold thread, although it seemed to be torn in a few places as if from a battle. Her legs were clad in brown leggings and on her feet she wore boots of the softest leather and finest workmanship they had ever seen. Around her neck was attached a grey-green cloak which had fallen to the side to reveal a magnificently carved bow and a quiver of fine arrows slung across her back. A beautifully crafted sword and scabbard hung at Buffy’s side.

Tara, always the maternal one, had been checking her neck for a pulse and finally found one, “She’s breathing but the pulse is very weak”. Xander gently turned Buffy over.

It was then that they finally got a good look at the face they had all been grieving for and longing to see again. But this was Buffy as none of them had ever seen her before. She was beautiful; she seemed to radiate a glow from within. While they stared at this miracle in front of them, Buffy’s eyes flew open and without warning she sat up and grabbed onto the front of Xander’s shirt. As though she expected someone to be there she let out a strangled cry “LEGOLAS…NO… WAIT…I DON’T’WANT TO LEAVE.” Then she muttered sadly, “ Our Baby” before collapsing back to the ground.

Xander looked over at Willow and Tara shocked, his initial doubts about this scheme of theirs were now running around in his head with happy taunts of ‘I told you so.’

“ Um guys, we got what we came for, can we go now? I really would like to get out of these dirty clothes and wash my hair, so could we continue this at Buffy’s place?” Anya turned and stalked off without waiting for an answer.

“Way to go Ahn, see I knew you really did care,” Xander answered with a sad sigh. “But you’re right we should get the Buffster home and then we can find out what’s the what.” With that Xander carefully lifted Buffy into his arms very much aware of all her weapons. Willow had moved beside Buffy by now so Tara placed an arm around the redhead’s shoulder then gently led her away behind Xander.
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