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Posted by Guest on 2006/5/16 14:44:22 (2110 reads)

Borderland now has a new feature. When editing your member's profile there might have been a moment when you thought, "well, I would like to say more about me, but there just isn't enough space." That has been remedied now!

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Posted by Guest on 2006/2/3 0:08:01 (2199 reads)

I've brushed up the links sections. Now there is a link category for every fandom/universe listed in the fanfiction archive. Feel free to add links since I'm not active in all of these fandoms, therefore not knowing the best sites out there. Please note, that you need to be registered and logged in to submit links!

Posted by Guest on 2006/1/5 0:12:27 (2291 reads)

I've found an absolutely amazing new script for the fanfiction part of the site, so I moved all the stories around and present you the new feature. It offers a lot of cool stuff and the fact that posting fanfic is much easier now, is only the smallest:) I will have to shuffle things around a bit still, because the fanfiction listing looks a bit cluttered, but bear with me!

New features include:
~ Keywords: You can include keywords for your story, "slash" or "angst" for instance. Those keywords will be clickable and lead you to a list of stories with the same keywords.

~ Author page: If someone clicks on your member profile s/he will see your fanfiction posts. Additionally every author has an author page listing all stories.

~ RSS: RSS is available for pretty much anything: The whole fanfiction module, certain categories or single stories. Probably the easiest way to keep updated.

~ Notifications: If you're registered you can also use notifications. You will get an email or private mail for updates.

~ Transfer: The transfer feature is pretty powerful. It converts stories to pdf, offers and API for Delicious and Furl links and has a print function.

~ Adding stories: There's a working text editor now, so people with little or no html knowledge can still post stories easily.

I will update the FAQ accordingly to give a How To for posting stories. If you want to tackle it yourself, feel free to do so, it's pretty self-explanatory! If you encounter any problems, post a comment. This module is still brandnew, constructive criticism and ideas are always welcome!

Posted by Guest on 2005/10/27 0:10:37 (2180 reads)

I just installed a forum, because I thought it might come in handy. Most people rather post in a forum when they have a question than firing up their mail program and talking to a strange person:) So if you have any questions, problems or complaints, go there! Also, I'm always looking for Fic Recs - just a little hint *g*!

Posted by Guest on 2005/10/3 22:53:49 (2566 reads)

Welcome everyone! I've planned to do a site like this for some time now, since I really like reading LOTR crossover fiction. Now the site turned out a bit bigger than planned, but that of course isn't a bad thing:) If you've written crossovers, please consider posting them here! Also, since the site is brandnew, I'd be grateful if you could notice me if you encounter any problems or errors!

Happy surfing!

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